iMessage Issues: Several iOS Users Unable To Send Messages


If you’re having a problem with iMessage then you’re not alone. We’ve received a number of emails from our readers to report that they’re having problems with iMessage – Apple’s messaging service.

While Apple is currently reporting that there is no issue, a search on Twitter seems to indicate that several users are affected.

Some users seem to be experiencing delays while sending messages. Some users are also reporting that they’re unable to send messages using their iOS devices.

Users are reporting the issue while on cellular network as well as over Wi-Fi network. However, it doesn’t seem to be a complete outage as some users are reporting that they’re able to send and receive messages without any problem.

Are you facing the issue? Let us know in the comments.

Tip: If you’re facing the problem on your iPhone then you can disable iMessage until the issue is resolved by following these simple steps. Launch the Settings app, scroll down to Messages, tap on it and then tap on iMessage toggle to disable it.


It looks like iMessage is back up for most of the users.

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  • Alex

    Yea. Thought it messed up from jailbreak again but doesn’t seen like it’s just me. I’m in macomb il. Maybe it’s a regional outage

  • Didiersno1fan

    I’m experiencing the same thing

  • Aaron Renfroe 

    i am unable to activate imessage and facetime? is that a thing?

  • Mesut Gunes

    i can not recesive mms in iMessage its just a empty conversaiton buble

  • diesel_vdub

    Several does not imply an outage…. several could be anything more than 2 but less than “dozens” or “hundreds”. Hundreds or Thousands reporting issues would be an outage. Several makes me think a dozen or so users.

  • Jason Lee DeBias Sr.

    No iMessage for me

  • Blake Norwood

    Lawrenceville, Ga not working either.

  • Blake Norwood

    And it’s back!

  • Jason Burroughs

    not working for me – it says my recipients are not registered with imessage

  • Andrew

    Wasn’t working for like five minutes now its fine.

  • Greg Lowe (@Greg2dot0)

    Seems that I’m unable to send via iMessage. Stuck on sending… about 90%

  • Faraz

    Experiencing iMessage issues in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Craig

    Not working here. Says waiting for activation.

  • Andrew

    Nvm it wasn’t working. I did a soft reset after turning iMessage off and on and it sending fine now.

  • Ryan Isadore

    Juneau Alaska, not working here.

  • Abel Goddard

    Had problems earlier. Don’t know about now. Dallas, TX.

  • Kwopau

    iMessage has been working for me just fine.

  • Zamooda

    its been up and down for the last few hours here in South Jersey

  • Casey

    Dallas is all shut down : ( ruh roh

  • Ian Duncan

    chicago is still down

  • Chris_FL

    Central florida is down

  • Kelton

    Still broken for me

  • Name

    I cant send from Michigan. :( it says the it was unable to reach the recepiant!

  • Jose

    I was experiencing delays sending while my wife couldn’t send nothing at all

  • Britjoe

    No problem here with my 4s on telus in alberta ca

  • IphoneBS

    My imessage is down and has been down for the last 6 hours. Every single imessage that was sent and recieved on my phone in the past year and a half, since I’ve had an Iphone, has been completely wiped out. Honestly, it makes me quite angry and upset because I had very old, important messages in my phone and now they’re gone. They better fix this really soon or when my upgrade comes around I will NOT be purchasing another Iphone.

    • iPhone4Troubles

      THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I had to go into the genius bar and they restored my phone, then I went home and backed up to my last version. Luckily it was only a couple days that I lost, but at least I got the rest of my old messages back. Have you done that?

  • Kraede

    On my 3GS it have never worked in any versions of iOS

  • mounirof

    I am facing the same issue as well as my girlfriend, it has been several days that we are facing that issue. we thought first it was something due to the network, but as we r not the only one concerned by that, I guess it is an Apple problem.

  • Alistair

    i found how to fix this permanent problem, ok go to settings and reset. then re start your iphone and download or load eBay put your iphone on there and buy a galaxy s3. there ya go! sorted!

  • Michael Battenfield

    Yep – up and down. No rhyme or reason. Will work for one user, while not for another. Ugh… This is shaping up a lot like the Maps fiasco…

  • Jean Conklin

    Getting the message on my( iPad IOS 6.1) when trying to text to some (but not all) cellphone numbers (but not all).

  • sans

    The latest iOS 6.0.1 seems to be adding to the issue. I can no longer send pictures via iMessage. All of my friends with iOS 6.0.1 are experiencing the same issue.

  • jtmack

    My wife had this problem on iphone 5. Check your roaming settings and see if data is enabled. If it is not than your imessage could have went off in roaming.

  • Dave

    My iMessage is completely down! But my wife is having no trouble at all. We have this all the time with our iPhones. We have the exact same phone and package etc…. Sit next to each other my Internet is down and here is fine and so on. Completely dissapointed with my iPhone. Can’t wait until my contract is up.