Some Fun Ways To Use Panorama Mode In iOS 6

iOS 6

The Camera app in iOS 6 includes a brand new panorama feature that lets users take wide shots of their surroundings by simply swiping the camera across.

Although the feature isn’t entirely new, Apple’s decision to bake it right into the default Camera app increased its visibility, as can be seen by the increased shares of such photographs on social networks.

We’ve already posted a how-to guide for capturing panoramic images using the camera app on iOS 6, but since then a number of alternative uses for the panorama have popped up.


The first one is the vertical panorama, or “Vertorama,” useful for capturing tall vertical structures like buildings and monuments.

The way you go about it is very simple. Instead of holding your iPhone in portrait mode, hold it in landscape and simply swipe your camera in the up or down direction depending on your location.


Image credit: David Frampton

Changing Directions:

By default the Camera app lets you shoot a panorama from left to right, but you can switch directions by tapping the white arrow. This works not just with horizontal panoramas, but vertical ones as well.

Multiple Appearances:

Another fun use of the Panorama mode is creating images that have multiple appearances of a single person. Scott Forstall sowed off such a panoramic shot during the iPhone 5 keynote.


This is as simple as capturing a horizontal panoramic shot, except that you have to time your movement according to the pace of the camera panning motion. You could even try this with multiple people, and make an appearance more than twice.

BuzzFeed has some  more such examples:




You can also shoot distorted panoramic images by moving your iPhone at a non-uniform pace in a location with plenty of movement or slightly deviating from the panning direction recommended by the Camera app.


The folks at CNET put together a nice video detailing the usage of the Panorama mode in the iOS 6 detailing both these tricks:

Are there any other fun ways of using the Panorama mode in the iOS 6 Camera that we missed?

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  • Noneya

    GS3 can do this in any direction without having to press an arrow or flip a phone.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      There have been plenty of iOS apps that allow this, even full 360 degree spherical captures. It just wasn’t in the native camera.

  • Que

    im not hating, but this been an android feature. wasn’t cool then, so how is it cool now?

  • MFunk

    You don’t see many Apple users posting comments on Android sites – that’s because it’s very sad. Enjoy whatever phone you have.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      We are busy enjoying our phones, not looking to tear others down because we bought an inferior POS Android device.

  • iphonix

    the problem with iphone owners is they can not accept any kritic on iphone even if it’s true. iphone is religion … android had this sort app and it was not cool. and suddenly it’s cool because it’s iphone app?
    i have iphone and galaxy S2. there are apps that work much better on android and apps that work much better on iphone. religion and dangerous thing. open your eyes.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      There have been iOS apps to allow it as well. Nobody said it wasn’t cool before iPhone 5/iOS6. How about you android guys go to the Android forums to talk about this stuff?

      • Fireknight25

        That’s because there is really nothing to talk about. They don’t make anything new. They just follows apple’s foot steps and claiming that they are also hip and with it. Just like wannabes. Just face it guys your android phone varies in quality from model and companies while apple stand tall with better quality control and refreshing creativity. No doubt that you can do things that apple can now, but don’t be mad because loyal apple customers not willing to jump ship for you. We like consistency not gimmicks

  • Toby777

    I was able to do these on the iPhone even before iOS 6’s Panaramic implementation by using Panaramic apps such as DMD and Microsoft’s Photosynth.

  • Justcurious

    Still no NFC? High end device indeed

    • RandomGamer342

      NFC is a gimmick

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson


        I STILL haven’t seen an opportunity to use NFC in my daily life. Nothing fanboyish about what I am saying, I can honestly say I haven’t seen ANYWHERE that offers or accepts NFC as payment.