Users Reporting Improvements in iOS 6 Maps

iOS 6 Maps

Last week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook apologized for iOS 6 Maps app in an open letter to customers but promised that the company was doing its very best to make Maps better.

Users have criticized Apple’s Maps app for the lack of public transit information, inaccuracies in Apple’s mapping data, errors in locating points of interest and sometimes weird 3D mapping imagery. 

Apple has also tapped its retail store employees to help improve the Maps app by asking them to report errors.

MacRumors reports that some of their forum members are already noticing improvements in Apple’s Maps app:

While improvements have been ongoing, MacRumors forum members yesterday began noticing what appears to be a larger set of additions to the 3D content in the Maps app, including both the satellite/aerial imagery and the standard maps. One region that was among the first to be noticed was the New York City area, with a number of improvements including new 3D imagery of the Statue of Liberty being seen. 

We’ve also heard from users who have experienced new Flyover imagery showing up in Honolulu, Hawaii and in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area. The changes are also affecting the standard vector-based maps as well, with users reporting new 3D buildings showing up in New York City and London. 

But it looks like the new imagery hasn’t been rolled out to all users. As we still can’t see the new 3D imagery of the Statue of Liberty seen in the image above.

We’ve also received several tips from our readers that they’ve noticed improvements in the point of interest database in their cities. It is indeed step in the right direction, but Apple has an uphill task of catching up with Google Maps, which has a 7-year head start.

Have you noticed improvements in iOS 6 Maps app? Please do share them in the comments below.

[via MacRumors]

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  • mackie

    Work fine for me around Houston area

  • Kao Saephan

    You can’t compare iOS maps and say it’s 7 years behind google maps. By that same concept, you could say apple was decades behind the mobile phone market when they first entered. What took google 7 years could possibly be done by apple in a year or two. I doubt it’s much catching up to do. iOS maps is already faster, smoother, and just plain better. The database will grow exponentially every day.

    • moz

      You can’t win against the laws of physics (add to this economic & social reality). Some of Google features (especially street view) which have taken a long time simply cannot be replicated in a much shorter time.

  • Zam

    It beats the pants off google maps here in Grand Rapids MI. More up to date imagery and turn by turn directions with spoken street names. I love it!

  • einstein812

    I used iOS 6 maps in Washington DC this week and it was great.

  • Kiwiholden

    Yeh I like apples maps. All maps have holes and there is still navmans that take you the wrong way

  • Kyle

    I still have the same problem as before, but I’m in the Middle East.. Can find most major places in Muscat, but can’t direct you to any of them.. It was the same with Google Maps.. Heard Tom Tom Middle East is great, but it’s also $100…

  • Shaun

    Haven’t noticed any improvements yet, Swansea in Wales still rubbish and checked Statue of Liberty and effil tower and 3d still awful on these as well

  • Chua

    I can confirm that the points of interest data has definitely improved here in Singapore. But still see issues with the turn-by-turn directions, so wouldn’t depend on it just yet.

  • Bandrax

    As you can see the 3D view of Boston South End area. The most upscale area in Boston looks like a dump in iOS maps. Sorry Google street can’t beat anything. 3D view is not new it was always available on Google earth app. Not sure why this hype. 3D maps is an old technology which google has already explored but found not very useful. In fact street view is much more useful.

  • butcher

    crap phone crap software crap maps. cant wait to get rid and get sgs3 let