Have You Noticed Flickering Lines on iPhone 5 Keyboard?

iPhone 5 users have complained about couple of problems with the iPhone 5 screen, thankfully we haven’t observed the issue on our iPhone 5 unit and issue doesn’t seem to be too widespread.

But couple of days back, we noticed a flickering lines on iPhone 5’s keyboard. 

Some of our readers have also reported a similar issue in our original post about iPhone 5 screen problems here and here. A quick search on Google and this thread on Apple Support forum suggests that the issue is affecting quite a few iPhone 5 users.

Folks at iSmashPhone have also noticed the issue on their iPhone 5 unit.

Some say that it comes after they enter their Apple ID and passwords, but we’ve noticed it even in apps like Mail

You can check out the video, which has captured the flickering lines on iPhone 5’s keyboard quite well:

We observe the flickering issue on the keyboard only when we’re prompted to enter the Apple ID and password while downloading an app from the App Store. Some users have noticed the issue in the Mail app, while uploading photos to Facebook etc. We’re not able to replicate the issue every time, so it’s not such a big deal.

It’s not clear if this is a widespread issue, but the fact that it is not widely reported by the media, suggests that it is not affecting all iPhone 5 users or it’s quite possible that users haven’t noticed it yet.

We’re also not sure if it is a issue with iPhone 5’s new in-cell display or a software bug. We hope it’s a software bug, which will be fixed in the next iOS software update.

Let us know if you’ve noticed the flickering lines on your iPhone 5 in the comments below.

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  • dawson

    yes currently using one now im having tt problem whenever i enter my apple id??any good solutions with this problem or should i juz get it replace kinda of sad getting it on the first day and ending up with tis problem!

  • fb’s

    Ive noticed this a couple times when i enten my password, im hoping its only a software issue

  • stan

    I have that issue only once. And since then it did not happen again.

  • http://twitter.com/tvwonder  David Sheneman

    I’ve seen this, too, exactly the same lines, but they haven’t lasted that long. I see them flicker maybe once or twice and then they go away but they’re definitely there.

  • zoolman88

    Yea I have had this problem from day 1. It’s only in the App Store so I feel it could be software. I will be pissed if it happens more. I waited 13 hours in line and have a jacked up new iPhone.

  • iPhonedurp

    Yup already had first iPhone 5 replaced because of this issue, received new iPhone from apple and issue still persist seems like a software issue to me.

  • vito

    mr cook should have thought like steve!! dont release a product untill its perfect!!

  • Hazaelg07

    Yes I’ve noticed it with my iPhone 5. It happened while searching for an app while another was downloading.

  • Anonymous

    yes, seen them iPhone5 (European GSM)

  • TonyLukes3

    Yeah I’ve had this happen a few times. I’m waiting to see if it’s a software bug (which most likely it is since it doesn’t happen all the time).

  • vlaine

    I have seen it once. Disappeared as soon as the keyboard disappeared and didn’t come back yet. Canadian GSM Iphone 5 on Rogers.

  • Shaun

    Yes I have experienced this but only on App Store when putting password in, also im not impressed with camera flash can’t get any decent pictures anymore in darker lit places

  • Shaun

    Yes I have experienced this but only on App Store when putting password in, also im not impressed with camera flash can’t get any decent pictures anymore in darker lit places

  • Stingersswarm

    I’ve seen it when imputing numbers and symbols for a password in the App Store. It is definitely a software issue as it always goes away when I try to take a screenshot of it.

  • NoOneCares

    Yup. I’ve seen it a few times but hadn’t noticed a pattern. I was going to give it time since I didn’t know how to reproduce it.

  • djmax

    Yes me too ive seen it too. I just noticed it last night

  • Yoharmonica

    I have seen it 3 times too. It didn’t matter where you are but when the keyboard is up, there is a possibility for these lines to show up.

  • Ivan

    Yes I have noticed it

  • GiZZeRR

    No problem here on my 64gb version

  • lsprelude

    Yep mine has been doing it too, but apple will get it fixed one way or another!! Thanks for the info.

  • Yurkie

    I noticed the exact same thing. I told apple that it seemed to only happen when entering my password in the app store.

    They told me to try restoring the iphone and seeing if that fixes it and if I see it again then they would replace it. I restored on Thursday and have not seen the issue yet.

  • Brian

    I have had this happen to me randomly when I have to enter my password in at the app store. There does not seem to be a pattern that I can reproduce yet.

  • D4

    Its a software issue, there a few steps ou can take.

    1. Turn off all passwords (not safe i know) then restart phone.
    2.Hard reset phone, (hold power and home button till turned off and then hold power for 3seconds)
    3.Restore to a ios6, delete ios6 ipsw and redownload from iTunes.

    hope this helps some of you, Number three is what worked for me but i know others who have done the others,


    • D4

      P.S. This is also happening on 4s’s that are on ios 6,

    • vlaine

      Didn’t work for me. Flickering hapened after I did that.

  • Amar

    Yes, I noticed the flickering lines too on my white 32gb iPhone 5. Its flickering when i see the numbers only.. not on the alphabets..

  • Sonny J Petro

    Yes I’ve noticed also, I also Noticed that if you hold the Back button while in Safari It pulls Up the History Menu,

  • TScott

    I’ve noticed the flickering lines but it only lasts a second or two. Not enough to really complain about although it does make me rethink getting Apple Care insurance.

  • Apple Sucks

    Keep testing, iPhoneBetaTesters…

  • JD

    I got this problem when near a police radio and a transmission was coming through. Looks like its some sort of interference.

  • Styless

    Yes, I saw this on my phone. Please inform Apple I want my replacement soon. Thanks

  • AL

    Have noticed the exact same issue on my european iPhone 5 64gb

  • http://twitter.com/LinTon02 LinTon

    yes yes yes yes it only happens tpo me when i purchase something from the app store when it asks me for my app store password

  • pezz50

    i have the iPhone 4s with the IOS6 update and i have seen this issues on my phone a few times . i don’t think its the iPhone but more of a software issue

    • twistwist

      Thanks for the update! It’s not my iPhone 5. I wait for the iOS update.

  • IC

    I noticed this since the first day I got my iphone 5 on sept 21 and its only when i put in the password to buy an app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/slim.marcony Slim Marcony


  • Apel P

    ya, but really rare

  • twistwist

    Yeap!!! It’s happening (not always), while typing the password to download a new app. Looks like a software problem.

  • http://twitter.com/avinashgadiraju Avinash Varma

    I had that issue on my new iPhone 5.. I see that flickering on when asked for an apple ID once in a while .. I’m sure it should be a sofware issue :D

  • Clayton

    I’ve noticed it when entering my apple ID password

  • iMobile Solutions

    I have noticed this flickering issue on my iphone 5 on several occasions. Trying to replicate it now. Will update soon.

  • Elmo

    Yes, I’ve noticed this on my iPhone 5.

  • http://www.facebook.com/goodcoffy Tish Williams

    I definitely noticed on mine when signing into the App Store for a purchase.

  • dankvwguy

    ive had this happen a few random times. cant remember what apps, but it was like that all on the side of the window. exited and came back and it was fine.

  • Jt

    I just notice my phone does this when I’m downloading apps and need to put my info in.

  • Tony

    i noticed it too when I put my password for app store purchases.

  • Mich

    I have noticed this too when putting in password

  • luomie02

    Yep, my Iphone 5 32 GB does it. Just saw it once though…

  • wleef33

    I get it every time when I need to enter my password in the app store.

  • Melvin

    Got the same probem while entering my password on Appstore, using iOS 6 on iPhone 5.

  • joao

    i saw one when putting my password!!! iphone 5

    • joao

      for me the worst is that when i want to put É or É i cant swipe to the right but i need to go up and swipe…. in ios 5 it was much better!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iammikeDOTorg Mike Collins

    Have seen on my 5. Glad I’m not alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rachel.Goyette Rachel Dewis Goyette

    I have the problem. Took my phone to the apple store today but if course it wouldn’t do it. The “genius” thought it was software. My genius thinks otherwise. I hope it’s software as I would rather not get a new phone.

  • alex

    hey whats up well my fiance white iphone 5 64 gig has those flickering linew when she has to enter her password for apps

  • Yo

    Same problem flickering in keys when entering my password: called the apple customer service and said do reset on itunes and if it happens again need to call them back for replacement.

  • Deek

    I have the same problem but I can only find it while downloading apps rather than messaging

  • Roman

    same with me (iphone 5). When I enter my password in the app store. hope it’s just a software bug. Had to change my iphone 5 already because of scratches and now with my replaced iphone 5 I heare weird nois when tapping below de rear camera. Don’t want to go to the apple store 3times until I have a device without any damage!

  • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.dudek Tim Dudek

    I’ve seen it

  • Sauce

    I got it, sucks though

  • http://www.facebook.com/bharani.raam Bharani Raam

    Yes.. I am experiencing the same in my new iPhone 5 appstore app.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jakeincanada Jake Macdonald

    this happened to me ONCE… I found this page while looking for something else

  • Natalie

    I’ve seen this twice now, I think both times when putting my password in for the App Store. Not a horrible problem — I’ve had the phone just over 2 weeks

  • andromeda

    I encounter this many times when I login to App Store to install apps, not sure what’s the reason behind..

  • Kelly

    I noticed it today when I entered the App Store

  • http://www.facebook.com/eisenwasser Mike Eisenwasser

    It happens to me when I enter my password for app updates.

  • Lisa

    Hi yes this has happened twice now but the last time I didn’t have the keypad open I tried to take a screenshot but it stopped and didn’t show up on the photo

  • ZAXtg

    Funny I noticed the flickering on y iphone 5 app, in the exact same way of inputting password while getting an app and very faint flickering started between the keyboard

  • ZAXtg

    Funny I noticed the flickering on y iphone 5 app, in the exact same way of inputting password while getting an app and very faint flickering started between the keyboard

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ladyphilosophysugarlatte Pei Rabbits

    Mines have the same problem.

  • cruz

    I notice the flickering from time to time. hopefully with an ios update they will correct this issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felix-Davila/1059225273 Felix Davila

    now apple will says it’s not a big deal you can live with it and you people will say if apple says so it’s ok rather than demand that the issue is fixed what’s wrong with some people that’s why i moved from apple’s iphone i just use the ipod only have the 3rd gen dont need to buy another ipod when mine is working perfectly

  • Neil Sutcliffe

    Got the keypad line flicker, screen flicker when exiting apps & sometimes the one touch scroll to return to the top of the screen doesn’t respond, more so in safari.

  • Neil Sutcliffe

    Also when using the countdown timer with 12hr mode the timer display is not displaying properly although his is fixed by changing settings to 24hr in settings but these small niggles need to be fixed ASAP.

  • Ashish

    It happened to me as well while entering password in apple store. But my device is iPad 4. Does anyone has faced issue in iPad also?

  • Anonymous

    Whenever i turn om my iphone 4s my screen becomes blue then it leaves flickering marks everywher. This happened ever since i updated to ios 6