Have You Noticed Flickering Lines on iPhone 5 Keyboard?

iPhone 5 users have complained about couple of problems with the iPhone 5 screen, thankfully we haven’t observed the issue on our iPhone 5 unit and issue doesn’t seem to be too widespread.

But couple of days back, we noticed a flickering lines on iPhone 5’s keyboard. 

Some of our readers have also reported a similar issue in our original post about iPhone 5 screen problems here and here. A quick search on Google and this thread on Apple Support forum suggests that the issue is affecting quite a few iPhone 5 users.

Folks at iSmashPhone have also noticed the issue on their iPhone 5 unit.

Some say that it comes after they enter their Apple ID and passwords, but we’ve noticed it even in apps like Mail

You can check out the video, which has captured the flickering lines on iPhone 5’s keyboard quite well:

We observe the flickering issue on the keyboard only when we’re prompted to enter the Apple ID and password while downloading an app from the App Store. Some users have noticed the issue in the Mail app, while uploading photos to Facebook etc. We’re not able to replicate the issue every time, so it’s not such a big deal.

It’s not clear if this is a widespread issue, but the fact that it is not widely reported by the media, suggests that it is not affecting all iPhone 5 users or it’s quite possible that users haven’t noticed it yet.

We’re also not sure if it is a issue with iPhone 5’s new in-cell display or a software bug. We hope it’s a software bug, which will be fixed in the next iOS software update.

Let us know if you’ve noticed the flickering lines on your iPhone 5 in the comments below.

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