iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Will It Blend?

There are few things that you expect when Apple launches a new iOS device. In case of iPhone 5 it hasn’t been any different.

It all started almost a year back with the rumors and speculations about what to expect in the next generation iPhone, then we had a big media event in September where Apple unveiled the hotly anticipated iPhone 5.

The new iPhone 5 got us so excited that some of us decided to stand in the line to be the first to get our hands on one more than a week before it went on sale, it was followed by the first unboxing photos and hands-on videos, and we also had folks at iFixit taking it apart.

So the only thing remaining was, for folks at BlendTec to get an answer to the question: Will iPhone 5 blend? This time round they’ve posted a video demonstrating how the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 holds up to their blender. You can checkout the video below to find out which one blends faster:

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  • apple product sucks

    if you knotice the aple Iphone 5 blended way quicker thus revolting the samsung phone is not as cheap and plastic like people say they are lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Orrrrr, it COULD be that the Cheap plastic bounced around on the top of the blades and didn’t fall down and really get blended for a few seconds… If ONLY there was slow motion video we could watch for PROOF??? It MAY show just that, and that when it DID finally fall down INTO the blades, it was almost INSTANTLY pulverized.

      Oh if only there were video we could watch and see…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/WenXiong.Ivan Ivan WenXiong

      Why Android fanboy tends to be childish at times? When you visit Apple related website, it means you can’t forget the greatness of iPhone, thus coming here to check out how great is iPhone compared to S3. If you think S3 is so superior then stay in your well of Andriod pups

  • Productoflife

    The iPhone got ate up quick lmao!

  • Mark

    What a Knob I have a 4S and am not getting a 5 because unlike most people I’m not Autistic and have to get every new gadget that comes out, you know the people that have to get the new device as soon as it comes out even though the previous one does everything they need. If you can’t resist the urge and you have to have it then your probably Austistic or have Asperger syndrome but if it wasn’t for people like you we wouldn’t have the iphone and we’d still be in caves.
    But my point is if I had one I wouldn’t blend it absolute knobber.

    • champ

      you need help kid. I think you are autistic.

    • Vince

      Orrrrrr maybe people are due for an upgrade and would rather get the newer one since its already out? Jackass.

  • younes

    what’s the point of such videos ? how many phones got blended ? pff

  • anonymous

    wastes of phones, they could have gone to me lol

    • sumit

      he he he

  • Bandrax

    Finally!! Thanks iPhonehacks to share this.. I love him.

  • Steve

    I finally got my iPhone 5 32GB :)

    • kJJ

      did you get a spare battery?

      • Vince

        The battery is incredible?

  • Benrard Wood

    Why did they delete my comment ?

  • Alex

    Funny … the video playing on the Galaxy is the iPhone 5 video !!!

  • jpandes


  • jpandes