iPhone Apps To Track Hurricane Sandy

According to reports, Hurricane Sandy has started to make its turn towards the Unites States. Though the hurricane is a Category 1 storm producing winds of 85 miles per hour and may not officially be a hurricane by the time it reaches the coast, its widespread effects will be the same either way.

So if you’re on the East Coast, and looking for apps to track Hurricane Sandy, then here’s a list of apps.

Hurricane ($2.99) – This aptly named app called Hurricane developed by Kitty Code is one of the most top rated and popular app in the App Store for tracking hurricanes. The app allows you to track the hurricane with animated satellite images and interactive forecast and tracking map and also offers an interactive 5 day forecast cone. It also tells you how far you are from various points in the storm. It also brings detailed video updates thanks to the partnership with HurrianceTrack.com.

It is currently available in the App Store for $2.99, which is a 25% discount. You can download it using this iTunes link.

Hurricane HD for iPad is available in the App Store for $3.99 (iTunes link).

You may also checkout the following paid apps:

Hurricane Express  ($0.99) – also developed by Kitty Code, is the Lite version of Hurricane for iPhone (iTunes link).

Hurricance Forecaster
 ($0.99) – is one of the popular and top rated app in the App Store with 4+ rating (iTunes link).

Hurricane Tracker  ($2.99) – is another top rated and popular app in the App Store. This app provides minute by minute update on Hurricane Sandy with a live feed and frequent audio updates and tons of other features. (iTunes link)

You can also checkout the following free apps:

Hurricane Track For iOS – is a popular and top rated free app in the App Store with 4+ rating. (iTunes link)

HurricaneSoftware.com’s iHurricane HD with Push – is a popular free app. It offers in-app purchase of additional features such as Push and extended content. (iTunes link).

In case, you’ve discovered a great app to track hurricanes that we’ve mentioned above, then please feel free to let us know in the comments.

To all our readers on the east coast, please take care and be safe!

Image Credit: CNN