Jailbreak Dream Team Making Progress To Release Jailbreak For iOS 6

Some members of the jailbreak dream team namely Cyril a.k.a pod2g, MuscleNerd and David Wang a.k.a planetbeing that have released popular jailbreak tools like Absinthe and Redsn0w, spoke at the Hack in the Box security conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

They provided some more details about the eagerly anticipated iOS 6 jailbreak.

Couple of weeks back, pod2G – iOS jailbreak hacker extraordinaire had said at the WorldWide Jailbreak Convention (WWJC) that they didn’t have a jailbreak iOS 6 yet.

At the Hack in the Box security conference, pod2g admitted that iOS 6 so far has him stumped. “At the moment, I’m kind of stuck … but it could change in a week,” said Cyril. “It’s luck, I think.” 

But planetbeing revealed that they had couple of kernet exploits, which could be used for the jailbreak. “We still have a few tricks up our sleeves,” Wang said.

“It’s very engrossing. It’s kind of like doing a very complicated Sudoku or a crossword but it’s like 10 times harder. It’s just entertaining to be able to use your brain in that way. It’s really the only reason I do it.” 

Macworld reports that MuscleNerd also admitted that the jailbreak so far is like a delicate houes of cards.

“We think we have something that’s working under a certain set of conditions.” But before the final jailbreak is released, “it’s a very technical, very boring set of steps” that need to be taken to make a more refined user experience. “The overall technique works,” he said. “We think we have the flow for it.” 

Macworld also reports that Mark Dowd, founder of Azimuth Security and his colleague Tarjei Mandt successfully installed Cydia on an iOS6 device using a kernel-mode exploit at the HITBSecConf.

They didn’t use a method that could be applicable for the jailbreaking effort, however: Azimuth used its own custom-designed debugging application installed on an iPhone to deliver the kernel exploit, Dowd said. 

Not surprisingly, Apple has mitigated many weakness with iOS 6 and has made it a lot more difficult to jailbreak it.

“All the previous techniques that have been used have basically been made for the most part useless,” Dowd said. “But there’s still room to move and its still possible to exploit the kernel in iOS6, but the bar has definitely been raised.” 

But pod2g is quite confident that they will be able to find something in the next few weeks that will help them release the jailbreak for iOS 6.

[via Macworld]

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  • Fuddernutz

    That’s great news fellas …. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerseyboy1965 Peter Fontanes

    It seems to me if these guys do find one-two or more exploits……..why in the world would u say what they are……Ur giving apple a way to fix their problems, and prevent u guys from doing ur next jailbreak……..

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      I would have to assume Apple has people who use the jailbreaks and find what was exploited…

    • grim reefa

      They haven’t and DONT say what they are. Apple can easily find the exploit once the JB app has been released but by then its ok as the OS version is exploitable unless you update. Its impossible to release a JB without Apple then finding out what it is.

  • Erik

    Good luck guys, I appreciate everything you do for this community :)

  • DemonDai

    Guys seriously, you rock… Have followed MuscleNerd for last few years and annually donated to a number of guys.
    Your work is awesome and make Apples little babies Android beaters by opening them up for us and other Cydia comm users.
    Keep it going…. Legends!

  • http://www.facebook.com/IsraelFox27 Ury Corona

    Thanks Guys Keep up the good work

    • Ed

      It doesn’t matter who we are…what matters I our plan…you should’ve repeated my authoritaaaay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/KiNgDoMOrAcLe Joey Acevedo

    Damn, guess it was a smart move for apple to hire Comex the man behind the easiest and most stable jailbreaks! Damn it’s gonna get harder and harder for them to jailbreak!

  • Nikman

    The firmware folder contains usr/local etc, it should be enough to have ssh on the board, and the rest is a couple of shell commands :) Good Luck guys !

    • Zangpakto

      Yes, but the idea is to get it working out of apples sandbox… :P

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    Sound like there up to something, something good!

  • moe22

    comex man, your gonna make jailbreaking a whole new sport.

  • Krakimon

    I said it allready and I’m saying it again thank GOD for this guys.

  • Flame Red

    The JB guys rock, but to be honest – I am not going to upgrade to IOS6 or buy an Iphone 5 until they have a JB.

    Apple – listen up: Waited a long time to get a new phone after the disappointing release of the Iphone 4. Waited for the iphone 5. Old Iphone 4 was on its last legs so I got it repaired hearing the Iphone 5 roomers .

    I canceled my Iphone 5 order after I placed it within a couple of hours of the pre-order web site opening and getting a two week after release delivery date. Then came the announcement of the Note II. I’m sick of the cat and mouse game. So I’m going to get an Android instead. Apple fan boys – you can keep up with this but I have had enough. I think Apple has lost their edge. Go flame away…

    • Zangpakto

      Sure, you learn to write kernels… because I’ll be honest Androids are fun… However the stupid people who take them at face value, now you may or may NOT be one of those, are the people gullible to think they are better.

      At face value from stock, they are rubbish. Manufacturers hold the platform back with bloatware unless you use something like a nexus etc.

      So yes… Androids suck, until you write your own ROM and Kernel for the device. Then it is an awesome device to play with…

      If you don’t have that time or the brains, then no… no.. Android isn’t going to automatically be better..

      Unless your like me or other devs and like trying to honest to god push the system into failure because it is fun, you will not notice performance differences.

  • hehe

    “delicate houes of cards.” hehe made me giggle, i imagend a stack of wh**s hehe..

  • genXhippie

    Heck yeah! Go JDT!

  • genXhippie

    It looks as if I’ll be purchasing an iP5 after all. I sold my unlocked jb iP4S a month ago for $450.-, holding it for now.

  • Hmmm?

    How many iOS devices are jailbroken for Apple to make it this hard or is that there are not that many devs working on a hack? Of the jailbroken devices, are that many that pirate apps or do they assume everyone does? If they are worried about user experience I am fairly certain most people who do jailbreak know the pros and cons. I highly doubt they would blame Apple for an unstable jailbroken device.

  • rgroves

    by the time this jailbreak comes out ill be on ios 8

  • jailbreakme

    donation please

  • jin

    2012 contribution delay tactic… last year it was something else, now it’s this. Jesus, I’ll PAY for it, stop with this BS game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/louis.matz Louis Matz

      Where do they say “please donate” all they say is we do it for the fun of it, and we may or may not get lucky this time…. not one word of send money! Seriously Jin…. get a better hobby.

  • Arbias Toce

    thnx guys keep like this :)))) i have my 4s ios 6 and i can wait to jailbreak it …. im a hacker too….and im really tired about this please update …..

  • Zlo

    Wow you got Dream Team now! Cool. I am half year clean from jailbreak drogs and I feel good! Best thing I did :) What can I say just good luck with your obsession :)

  • Arbias Toce

    thnx guys keep like this :)))) i have my 4s ios 6 and i can wait to jailbreak it …. im a hacker too….and im really tired about this please update …..

  • james

    all the thanks but only one person mentioned donating to the jailbreak team they deserve atleast $5 to $10 per person who downloads the ios6 jailbreak since there working very hard to crack ios6

  • James M. Shih M.D.

    Can’t wait for the release. You guys are great!

  • mrphil

    i would pay to have a succesful jailbreak on iphone4 ios 6, only problem is im istuck on baseband 4.12.02, so would get no service… unless an exploit comes out for this.

    i hope the jailbreak comes soon so i can look at updating my ipad and jailbreaking this as im currently having problems with cydia opening and closing, and i cant restore as i have no old shsh.

    good work dreamteam! good luck

  • for jber

    once and for all, they didn’t ask for donation, and you are not obliged to, good if you go, else it’s fine not to, nobody blames you. And stop asking others to donate when you do, or don’t and stop thinking like no one make money from jb via free jb apps with ads or paid jb apps. You do what you like, and stop assuming the jbers are charitable gods! Some may do it for fun, some don’t. wake up.