Leaked iPad Mini Battery Photos Reveals 16.7 Watt-Hour Capacity

MacRumors has published photos, which they claim are of the iPad mini battery.

The photos reveal that the purported iPad mini battery runs at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7 Whr of energy on 4490 mAh of charge. 

MacRumors reports:

While we can not confirm the authenticity of the part, the markings are consistent with those seen on batteries from other Apple products. The battery’s proportions also seem to fit fairly well with what is expected for the iPad mini, although the exact dimensions of the part are unknown. 

The 16.7 watt-hour capacity for the iPad mini battery unsurprisingly places the device between the iPhone 5 at 5.45 watt-hours and the third-generation full-size iPad at 42.5 watt-hours. Given that the iPad mini has been said to be based more on the iPad 2 and lack a Retina display, the iPad mini’s battery may be more appropriately compared to the 25 watt-hour battery of the iPad 2. 

It will be interesting to see what kind of battery life iPad mini will offer. Yesterday, a report revealed that the iPad mini event will have a strong focus on iBooks. If that is indeed true, then iPad mini should ideally offer longer battery life than the full-sized iPad.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the smaller and cheaper iPad at a media event on October 23.

[via MacRumors]