SaneBox 24 Hours Later: Wow, it’s awesome.


Yesterday I wrote about the Deals Hub deal for SaneBoxSaneBox Works Like Magic On Your Inbox [Deals Hub]—and that I was giving it a try. I can certainly say that after just over 24 hours using SaneBox, my email flow is easier and faster. There are some things to get used to that might drive you bonkers as first, however I think the temporary discomfort is well, well worth the pay off.


After I turned on all the bells and whistles with SaneBox (except for the BlackHole and delay features, I'm holding off on those), the first thing I was worried about losing emails. And a few times I thought I had lost emails, but really it was just a bit of lag.

Let me explain.

When using an app like Mail, or Sparrow, or Postbox you see an email come into your inbox, then it's gone! What the? What happens is that when apps work with IMAP, sometimes an email hits the inbox first then it gets transferred to the right bucket. Of course you can train SaneBox to put things in the right places (though I found it hasn't needed much training really), so over time you have fewer of these “now you see them, now you don't” messages, it's just the first few times it's more than a tad disconcerting.

I'll tell you this, though, if SaneBox keeps helping me in the next few days like it has in just a single day—I'm picking up the deal so I can keep enjoying it for a year!

This morning instead of my usual 50 or 60 emails in my inbox (that's pulling in four different email accounts mind you) I had 11. Yeah, 11 emails and all of them were spot on ones I needed to know about, deal with, important, etc. In my Later, Bulk, and News areas (for the two accounts that Sane is active on) I could check through the less important stuff. When I had a moment to deal with them.

It's really nice awesome to know that the important things just hit my inbox and the less important things I can get to later. Time saver? You bet. Sure I for the moment I don't trust SaneBox 100%, so I'm checking the other folders more rigourously than I might a month down the line, but still it saves time to just need to glance and say “okay, those are deal with later emails”.

It's not often, okay almost never, that I do a follow up post about one of the deals, but in this case I think it's well worth my—and your—time that I do. SaneBox looks like a keeper and with the deal right now, one that saves money as well as my time.


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  • MuscleMass

    Looks like it’s a great service, and may be well worth the $69/yr. BUT … this pricing from iPhonehacks is the SAME as SaneBox’s regular pricing on their website – NO DEAL at all. Lunch is $5.79 / month. $5.79 x 12 = $69.48 / year. You do the math. Sad.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for pointing it out. We have escalated the issue to our deals partner.

      • MuscleMass

        Thanks, guys.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    i don’t get a BLIP , all gibrish, pls rewrite. marc

  • Joe

    Gmail with priority inbox does the same thing for free. I have no interest in using the app. I moved from Outlook to web-only Gmail 5 years and haven’t looked back.

    • Tris Hussey

      Joe, while I found priority inbox to work great most of the time, on other devices…not so much. I’d give it a try, even with priority inbox I find that I have less email to go through.

  • netarc

    Are you still using sane box, one year later? Has it lived up to your initial expectations?