Photos And Video Of Steve Jobs’ Yacht ‘Venus’


Venus – the yacht that Steve Jobs was working on with French designer Philippe Starck and yacht builders Feadship, before he passed away has been spotted by folks at One More Things at the yacht builders Feadship’s docks in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

According to Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs had been working on the design of the yacht since 2009.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

After our omelets at the café, we went back to his house and he showed me all of the models and architectural drawings. As expected, the planned yacht was sleek and minimalist. The teak decks were perfectly flat and unblemished by any accoutrements. As at an Apple store, the cabin windows were large panes, almost floor to ceiling, and the main living area was designed to have walls of glass that were forty feet long and ten feet high. He had gotten the chief engineer of the Apple stores to design a special glass that was able to provide structural support. By then the boat was under construction by the Dutch custom yacht builders Feadship, but Jobs was still fiddling with the design. “I know that it’s possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat,” he said. “But I have to keep going on it. If I don’t, it’s an admission that I’m about to die.”

As you can see from the photos and the video below, the yacht closely resembles the description given by Walter Isaacson in Steve Jobs’ biography. The exterior of the ship is made of aluminum, which makes it much lighter than other yachts and it also features seven 27-inch iMacs in the wheelhouse, which apparently help run the controls.

One More thing reports that the yacht christened “Venus” was officially unveiled in the presence of Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs and their three children on October 28th.


[via One More Things]

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