Tweaked iPad 3 To Come With Upgraded FaceTime Camera?

Apple is widely speculated to release a tweaked version of iPad 3 alongside the smaller and cheaper iPad at the media event on Tuesday.

BGR has posted photos, which it claims are of the tweaked iPad’s display assembly.BGR reports:

The most noticeable changes we can see are the fact that the front-facing camera cutout is larger than the previous model, allowing Apple to include a bigger sensor. We’d bet that Apple will continue the 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera from the iPhone 5 and iPod touch here. One more change that will be most welcome is the fact that the screen will be optically bonded to the screen, reducing glare and improving the picture.

The enlarged front-camera opening suggests that the tweaked iPad 3 may also come with an upgraded front-facing camera. iPad 3 currently offers “VGA quality” photos, so it is possible that Apple could use iPhone 5’s front-facing camera, which allows users to take 1.2MP photos.

The tweaked iPad 3 may also come with Apple’s new Lightning connector and global 4G LTE support. Some rumors have also suggested that it may come with an updated heat dissipation mechanism to address the heating issue that has been reported by some users and a completely new Retina display based on IGZO technology.

In our opinion, Apple will keep the changes in the tweaked iPad 3 to the minimum to avoid annoying users who have already bought the new iPad.

As an iPad 3 owner, would you be annoyed if Apple releases a tweaked iPad with the Lightning connector, global 4G LTE support and an upgraded FaceTime HD camera?

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  • Sabsack

    So Long as they offer People that have purchased the New iPad the Chance to return it to the Apple Store with everything it came with Box included and poss proof of purchase then i would swap if they dont offer just wait a few months and return it as a warranty replacement, in some ways a refurb unit can be better every component is replaced except the logic board then goes through a far more thorough test-bed then a brand new unit.

    • Chris

      some are shocking bad when they get referb and returned….