Photo Of Tweaked iPad 3 With Lightning Connector

It is widely speculated that Apple will release a tweaked version of the iPad 3 along the smaller iPad at the media event on Tuesday, October 23.

The tweaked iPad 3 could come with Apple’s new Lightning connector and global 4G LTE support like iPhone 5. has now posted photos of the full-sized iPad with the Lightning connector. Apple has a good track record when it comes to sharing photos of parts for upcoming Apple products.

As you can see in the photo, there doesn’t appear to be any other change other than the Lightning connector instead of the 30-pin dock connector.

Some rumors have also suggested that it may come with an updated heat dissipation mechanism to address the heating issue that has been reported by some users and a completely new Retina display based on IGZO technology.

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  • Nathan

    Will people with the older iPad “3” be able to exchange for this new one, I heard they will be fixing the problem of the iPad getting too hot also

    • iPhoneHacks


      • Koi Castro

        then they should’nt do that… all it’ll do is make iFans regret getting the newly released igadgets in any phase….

        • iPhoneHacks

          We expect Apple to keep the changes to the minimum, so that it does not annoy existing iPad 3 owners. Probably the new Lightning dock connector and global 4G LTE support.

          • Koi Castro

            unfortunately, i mean BIGTIME, they did more with Facetime HD and more importantly, THE A6x Chip!!!!!!! I was expecting about these dock and processor-cooling mech and dont really care about it, but come on, Processor? was expecting they’d upgrade next year!