Update: iMessage back up (?)


According to Apple System status just now. All systems are normal. Are iMessage and FaceTime working for you?

We posted at couple hours ago that iMessage and FaceTime were down for some folks. Are things back to normal?

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  • D4

    App Store down in parts of UK…

  • D4

    App Store down in parts of UK

  • D4

    sorry for double post, first one didnt show

  • Pieter

    Also in the netherlands app store down!

  • Letsgobarbie

    Yes, It’s been up exactly since it was posted on the website. FaceTime and iMessage, are fully functional as of this writing, for me anyway.

  • michael

    Yes, back to normal now. iMessage working fine.

  • inky3

    appstore in Croatia is down also

  • http://trishussey.com Tris Hussey

    Now the App Store down…that’s certainly interesting.