Consumer Reports: AT&T Is The Worst U.S. Carrier But Has The Best 4G Network

Consumer Reports released the results of its annual U.S. carrier customer satisfaction survey, ranking the four major networks based on their voice and data services, and customer support. The survey of  63,253 subscribers put AT&T at the bottom (again) and Verizon at the top (again), but there is a bright spot for AT&T it’s 4G network is the best of them all.

The results weren’t very different from last year’s rankingsAT&T is still ranked as the worst carrier in the U.S., while Verizon continued its ride at the top. Sprint and T-Mobile were ranked the second and third best U.S. carriers respectively:

Of the four major U.S. national cell-phone standard service providers, Verizon Wireless led the pack, receiving favorable scores for voice and data service quality, and also for support attributes like staff knowledge and resolution of issues. Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T each received mostly middling to low marks, particularly for voice and text service quality.

There is a little bit of good news for AT&T, though. Its 4G LTE network was ranked as the best amongst all the carriers, with consumers reporting very few problems with the service. The survey takers include iPhone 5 owners as well, who don’t seem have much to complain about AT&T’s data services, unlike the time when iPhones overwhelmed AT&T’s 3G network.

AT&T issued a statement in response to the findings of the survey to CNET:

“While delivering an even better customer experience is a never-ending job, we’re pleased that our customers rate their 4G experience as best of any carrier,” the spokesperson told CNET. “We’ve invested significantly to deliver unique advantages, including offering the nation’s largest 4G network, which enables the fastest iPhone 5 downloads and simultaneous talk and surf.”

The survey data also revealed that no-contract prepaid plans are well liked by customers:

Consumer Cellular, a national carrier that uses AT&T’s network, received high marks across the board in Consumer Reports’ Ratings of standard (monthly bill) carriers.


TracFone was among the top-Rated prepaid providers, receiving high marks for value, voice and text.

Other carriers like Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile also scored “respectably” in Consumer Reports’ survey, with two thirds of prepaid respondents reporting savings of more than $20 a month.

Via: PCWorld, Engadget


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