6 Apps to Track U.S. Election Results

We’ve found 6 great apps to help you keep tabs on the election results. These apps will help you keep track of who wins, who loses, and what it will all mean on Wednesday.

We’ve spent the past couple days downloading and checking free apps for iPhone and iPad that you can use to keep tabs on election results. We picked only free apps and have also stayed away from the fun apps that make candidates fight it out. This is all about information baby.

1. CNN: iPhone and iPad. CNN has a dedicated Election Center in the app that should make keeping track of everything a snap. The app looks great on all my devices, which is good because tomorrow night I’m going to hang out with some other ex-pat friends here in Vancouver to watch the results come in and I want to have cool graphics to show off.

2. BBC: Universal. A bit of an international perspective. The BBC app beat out my go-to Canadian news app from the CBC, because I think the BBC will have a breath of reporting the the CBC won’t have. However, if you’re Canadian, you should have the CBC app regardless.

3. NYT Election: iPhone: This app isn’t going to be able to push the multimedia coolness as easily as the Universal apps can, but I like the selection of news stories and navigation.

4. WP Politics: iPad. I found this just as I was finishing up my reviews, but had to include it because the layout and content was so compelling. Looks great on the iPad 4 and mini. Takes a little longer than most apps (on both iPad model) to load up, but it’s a well made, good looking app.

5. Politico: Separate iPhone and iPad versions: These are slick apps. I like the easily skimable raft of articles and the ability to add (and remove) section that you’re interest in. This is going to be a lot of news, stories, and analysis. Looks like the Elections map could be very interesting…have to wait until tomorrow to learn more.

6. Election 2012: iPhone. I’m not sure this is going to be the most awesome app for breaking news, but I really like the UI and the ease of finding news. Since it’s free, if you don’t like it…no harm no foul (since you’ll delete it the day after tomorrow I’m sure).

Those are my picks for news and info apps, but in my looking around I came across a couple others that I had to put in for the cool factor.

Bonus 1: VoterHub: iPhone. This is from the Rock the Vote group who try to get voters out voting (especially young people). There might be some news and information provided tomorrow, but I included it because it will help you (if you’re in the U.S.) to find where to vote and what’s going to be on the ballot.

Bonus 2: Washington State Election Results: iPhone only. This was the only state-specific app I came across and since Washington State is the nearest neighbor to us in Vancouver, we kinda like to know what’s up. If you’re in Washington, check out this app. It’s nicely done and looks like it will be handy tomorrow.

Of these apps, I’m betting on Wednesday you’ll only want to keep the BBC, CNN, or CBC apps. Unless you’re a political junkie then I’m betting Politico and WP Politics might stay loaded up.

Regardless of which app you pick, make sure you vote. It’s important, it counts, and if even us ex-pats like me can make sure we vote…you can too.