Amazon Selling MacBooks Below Cost and Other Great Deals

According to AppleInsider, Amazon is offering steep discounts on MacBooks. Amazon prices can change rapidly, so this deal could be gone before you know it.

In addition to selling 13″ MacBook Pros below cost at $960 and change, there AppleInsider lists some of the best deals to be had on MacBooks right now:

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Their post also has tips on how to make sure you get a great deal buy picking up AppleCare with your MacBook. Bundling a MacBook with AppleCare and taking a small loss on the computer is okay for most retailers because they make a healthy margin on AppleCare (from personal, inside experience). So, don’t just toss out getting AppleCare off the bat, bundling can save you big bucks.

Any other great deals you’ve seen on or offline? Let us know in the comments or send us a tip.