iPhone and iPad Apps Updated This Week: November 24th Edition

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In addition to a ton of apps that went on sale this week (some are still on sale, so check the deals out), a fair number of apps were updated this week. Here are few we thought you should know about.

Drafts (iPhone and iPad versions):

Updated Markdown engine to @bdolman’s Sundown branch, adding support for MultiMarkdown footnotes. For Day One users, Drafts now uses exactly the same Markdown settings as Day One for consistency.

New “Task to Clear” and “List to Clear” actions. “Task” creates a single task in Clear based on current draft. “List” creates a new list in Clear with one task per line in the draft

Improve handling of corrupt preferences.

Remove duplicate Notesy action.

Alert when trying to post a draft with more than 256 characters to ADN.

Fix for encoding issues with App.net.


What’s New in Version 2.0.2 We have been listening to all of your feedback! Please keep sending it in. Lots of goodies for you today.

Features Added:

  • Tapping on a category tile now takes you back to the last summary you were on.
  • Each category tile now has 30 summaries instead of just 20 by default, allowing you to read more summarized content!
  • Browse all unread summaries on the app by pressing on right of the coverpage tile.
  • Unread summaries are now a different colour in the headline view (by pressing on right of tile) Bug Fixes:
  • Saving of custom settings and sources will now always be saved to the server; have changed subscription process.
  • Green tiles are now refreshing on a 24 hour cycle with new content; will become more regular in the next few days with keywords with a higher distribution being refreshed on a greater frequency.
  • Keywords not in database refresh with content 30 seconds after adding them.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.


Version 4.6 adds the following: • The Research features “Make Topics(s)” and “Add to Notes” now work for PDFs • More efficient archive and version history cleanup (saves disk space and battery life) • New $path token supported in floating and root topics • Better Doodle support for Retina displays Plus the usual bug fixes…

Amazon We posted about the update here.

Songza: Fixed playback crash for users with earlier versions of iOS.

Pogo Connect (now supports iPad mini) Fixed issue where the latest version of ProCreate could crash on startup when Pogo Connect App was installed.

Documents to Go(regular and premium) Fixed crash on launch, Fixed formatting issue with Excel files from Google Drive, Fixed issue where some Google Drive files appear blank/empty.

Camera+ (iPhone and iPad) Bug fixes

SketchBook for iPad (Express and Pro). Express just received a performance boost. Pro: Custom canvas sizes, canvases up to 6.2 MP, performance boost, UI updates.

SketchBook Mobile:

What’s New in Version 2.7

* This update may require creating a new canvas at first start-up. Tap belly button UI then the “+” icon in the toolbar to select NEW CANVAS SIZE. *

✓ Support for the iPhone 5 display

✓ Custom Canvas sizes • Large canvas size (over 6 MP on current iPhone models) • Dynamic feedback on maximum number of layers

✓ Performance enhancements on Brush stroking

Sparrow: Support for iPhone 5 and Passbook.

Omnifocus for iPad: Minor update adding Reminders capture on the iPad mini.

Real Racing 2: Updates for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.


What’s New (overview)

  • PlexSync (Premium feature)
  • Audio transcoding (PlexPass feature preview)
  • UI Enhancements
  • Home Screen Improvements
  • Minor features and Additional Bug Fixes

Tweetbot (iPhone and iPad): Improved scrolling performance on older devices, UI Improvements, Fixed streaming issue when following large number of users, Various other bug fixes

Over, Optimized for iPhone 5, send (printed) postcards from the app, UI tweaks.

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