Apple Accused Of Hiding Samsung Apology On Its UK Website [Updated]

We thought the controversy over the “Samsung apology” in U.K. would have finally been buried after Apple posted the revised “Samsung didn’t copy iPad” statement on its website yesterday and also acknowledged that its previous statement was “inaccurate”.

We were wrong as some reddit and Hacker News are accusing Apple of adding some javascript code on the webpage that ensures that message is never displayed without the visitor having to scroll down to the footer section.

The Next Web points out the javascript pasted below ensures that the iPad mini advertisement takes up the whole page, irrespective of your computer’s resolution. Visitors have to scroll down to the footer section to see the statement:

var HeroResize=AC.Class({initialize:function(b){this._height=null;this._hero=$(b);
if(typeof window.ontouchstart===”undefined”){this.resizeHero();Event.observe(window,”resize”,this.__boundResizeHero)
}},setHeight:function(b){this._height=(b<0)?0:b;return this._height},resizeHero:function(){this.setHeight(parseInt(window.innerHeight||(window.document.documentElement.clientHeight||window.document.body.clientHeight),10)-310);
this.hero().style.height=this.height()+”px”}});Event.onDOMReady(function(){var b=new HeroResize(“billboard”)

As you can see in the screenshot taken on a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, the message is not seen even when you visit Apple’s UK website in full screen mode.

Screenshot of Apple’s UK website (

It is not clear if this code was added much before posting the revised apology or if Apple added it just to ensure most visitors don’t see the message.  The Next Web speculates that this was probably the reason it took Apple some time to put up the revised apology. CNET reports the latest cached version of Apple’s website available on Wayback Machine (currently June 8, 2012) doesn’t have the javascript code.

The resizing code is also present on Apple’s Australian website. It seems to be missing from the US website (, but the iPad mini ad still takes up the entire page just like the UK and Australian website. As you can see in the screenshot below, it doesn’t seem to be as optimized as the UK and Australian website, as the thumbnails for iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone 5 below the iPad mini graphic are only partially visible.

Screenshot of Apple’s US website (

As CNET points out, it is possible that Apple added the javascript code to display graphics on a variety of devices at the best possible quality.

We hope that Apple didn’t add this javascript code just to hide the message as it would be following the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. We’re also sure that it won’t go down too well with the UK appeals judges who are already quite annoyed with the company’s antics.

Do you think Apple is hiding the Samsung apology statement or people are just looking for a conspiracy? This may sound biased but we think its the latter as the US website, which doesn’t have the same resizing code also doesn’t show the footer section (in fact you have to scroll slightly more to get to the footer section). It would also be too naive for Apple to think that it can get away with it, especially after getting everyone’s attention by posting the cheeky and inaccurate statement.


As you can see in the screenshots below, you can see the footer section on the US website on the iPad when held in portrait mode, whereas it is hidden on the UK website, so we could well be wrong:

Apple’s UK website on iPad with Retina Display

Apple’s US website on iPad with Retina Display

[via CNET, The Next Web]

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  • Shrivatsa Somany

    Will they drop this already? It’s not like people will ever read the apology…so what the hell? It was a pointless demand to begin with anyway. If the judge just has to see that ad, put down strict ground rules and end the matter already. God this is such a frivolous use of public and court-room time. /hugerant

    • Alex

      What a stupid thing to say, Apple is clearly trying to avoid having any people read it. The court order was clear, and the disclaimer Apple must post will be read, and this story wont be dropped until Apple compiles with the court.

      • Shrivatsa Somany

        I agree with Apple trying to avoid people from reading it…That’s why I said that if the court really wants Apple to do all this, they should just say “Make a gigantic banner ad in place of your iPad ad for a week” (I’m using an extreme example)…all this round about way is giving Apple too much leeway.

  • EvolvingViews

    This is not true. I have a portrait screen and I can see the footer on one page. Stop making things up and test it yourself!

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for pointing it out. We’ve updated the post.

      • EvolvingViews

        I was using on a full desktop screen 24 inch LCD in portrait mode, and I can see the full page of the UK site with footer no problem. So the assumption you made in your article that the code will for any screen resolution push the footer out of sight was incorrect.

        • iPhoneHacks

          Are you sure, you’ve visited Apple’s UK website ( As we can’t see the footer on the UK site even on our 24-inch iMac.

          It will be great if you can attach a screenshot.

          • EvolvingViews

            Guys, I did say it was a 24 inch LCD in Portrait, that’s upright. So that is a long screen. But the point remains, the javascript code didn’t force the iPad Mini advertisement to be full screen and force the footer to go off all screens as how the article claimed.

          • and?

            yeah cause everyone always has there screen in portrait mode…. lets see in my 20+ years of using computers I think i’ve done that zero times.

        • laurnzo

          Dude, i’m using my mac mini hooked with my 55″ TV and i can’t see without scrolling down. Quit drinking the cool-aid.

  • Hmmm?

    Wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this but the Canadian site is the same as the UK.

  • iphonemanic

    Unethical apple. This clearly shows how narrow minded apple is. God only knows what all they are hiding from blind/end users in their products.

    • Christian Mercado

      Unethical?? first off the judge had no right telling apple to post something ridiculous like that, lets say some girl got raped and the rapist was found not guilty for whatever reason and then the judge oder’s the girl to carry around a ‘I was not raped sign” would that be ok ? No. and second, they was not incorrect with the 1st statement they made the judge just felt stupid and made them take it off, it should be in court records that the judge said samsung is not as cool

      • iPhone4

        Wow. That is probably one of the worst analogies I have ever read. How old are you? If you actually followed the case or read about it in detail then you would know why this decision was made and why the original Apple post was incorrect/misleading.

        • Christian Mercado

          I was proving a pointo sensitive of a topic for you ? At the end of the day no matter what went down in court Samsung did copy apple and for the judge to make apple apologize after is str8 bull.

          Ps I think the anology was a perfect one and it was ment for laughs , as in apple got rapped on this matter pls people don’t take it up the ass lightin up

      • Po Wah

        wtf kind of analogy is that? You fanbois are getting really stupid. Rape really???

  • gugutech

    Apple is playing with the UK judges again and again. If you have to scroll down to see the text then it is considered as next page, not on one page or single page as the judges ordered.

    I can’t wait see the reactions from the UK judges! If the TV news and night talk shows making fun of the new Apple trick, then it is clearly a negative news for Apple.

    • itsyaboy

      Samsung copied and infringed on features packaging even siri with s voice etc and apple didint go publicly saying Samsung copied them so why apologize publicly they fought for what the believed and made it a court matter so that’s where it should have stood in the courts I can’t express my clear insight n e more than that