Apple: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Jelly Bean Infringe on Our Patents

Apple filed motions today in California courts to add Android Jelly Bean to the existing suite against Samsung and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

This case isn’t scheduled to be heard until 2014, so these are really just the opening salvos in a war that is going to take years to work out. From Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) told a judge that Samsung Electronics Co. (005930)’s Galaxy Note 10.1 device infringes its patents, and sought to add the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system to an existing lawsuit against Samsung in California. Apple made the arguments today to U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in federal court in San Jose. Apple’s bid to expand the lawsuit follows Samsung’s Oct. 1 move to add patent- infringement claims against the iPhone 5 in the same case. Apple won a $1.05 billion jury verdict against Samsung on Aug. 24 in a separate patent case in the same court.
Via: Bloomberg

Bringing Jelly Bean into the mix could complicate things for other phone and tablet makers, but that’s a long ways off. By the time this hits the courts, we may very well have interactive iGlasses and wrist wearable video phones, so who can predict what the legal fallout from this move will be in the short term.

Scales of Justice by mikecogh from Flickr.

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  • andy

    Apple, you are a greedy lame company. You just sue everyone who eats into your share. Your products may be popular but they’re the least innovative of all the smartphones/tablets out there. Your lawsuits are like a broken record.

  • mkimid

    Apple is crazy, I think, they must & more focus on the new innovation and technology to improve their product. Actually, their is no way to avoid the similarity in the same application area. over one half years, they have improved their device, but, they never made some creative product to open the new market share.
    Time and time, they will lost more market share if they do not make something new,

  • Chris jarratt

    Samsung and google should have been more like microsoft and nokia. There os looks nothing alike ios.

  • Medowance

    Even though I’m using mostly apple product… this news and several lawsuite news.. really making the company a childish joke.. no wonder everyone is leaving from apple…

  • neo1111

    This just stinks. I really like my apple products, but wish Apple would focus more on Apple, and less on litigation… I also love my nexus 7 … Jellybean rocks ! If it werent for the tons and tons of apple apps I have, I would have gone with the note 2 instead of the iPhone 5.

  • Galaxy

    Why dont suite against Goggle and the Nexus 7 using Jelly Bean…

  • Pacomacman

    People need to read this carefully before commenting and jumping on Apples back. Apple are countering Samsungs claim of infringements against the iPhone 5!

    • Po Wah

      Fanboi…YOU need to read. “Apple filed motions today in California courts to add Android Jelly Bean
      to the existing suite against Samsung and the Galaxy Note 10.1.” This is not a counter sue you moron

  • T

    Apple won’t let a brother rise. If it wasn’t for competition in this country Apple wouldn’t be where it’s at right now.

  • Robert Devaney

    Most of learned it wasn’t right to copy someone else’s work in grammar school. They are getting what they deserve.