Apple Rejects Sparrow Update For iPhone 5, New Version Will Require iOS 6

Sparrow’s iOS app update, which added support for the iPhone 5’s taller display, got rejected by Apple for adding rich text editing to the mail compose window on iOS 5.

The app will be removed from the App Store unless a new version, complying with Apple’s review policies, is uploaded to iTunes Connect soon. 

Sparrow developer Dinh Viêt Hoà tweeted:

“Apple called to tell me that Sparrow has been rejected. Our app will be removed from the appstore if we don’t submit a new version soon.” [tweet link]

“We’ll submit a new version of Sparrow for iPhone that is only compatible with iOS 6.” [tweet link]

Explaining the reason for rejection, Dinh tweeted:

“We managed to get a rich text edition [and] the keyboard appeared without the user [having] to tap on iOS 5.” [tweet link]

Until the iOS 6-only update is submitted, iPhone 5 owners will still have to use a letterboxed version of the app.

Back when the Sparrow team was acq-hired by Google, founder Dom Leca noted that they’d be providing support for the app and fixing bugs but not adding any new features.

[via TNW]

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