Apple Removes “Incorrect” Samsung Apology Notice From Its Website, Runs Altered Apology Ads In UK Newspapers

The Next Web reports that Apple has taken out a small advertisement in various UK newspapers including this morning’s The Guardian, which includes the “Samsung didn’t copy iPad” apology notice, minus the cheeky stuff it had put up on its website.

Apple has also removed the notice from its website after it was ordered by appeals judges – Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob to remove the “incorrect” apology notice from its UK website within 24 hours.

Apple has also been ordered to publish the altered apology notice within 48 hours, after the judges rejected the company’s request to make the changes in 15 days. The judges have ordered Apple to post the apology on the homepage of its UK website in 11-pt Arial font.

The judges were quite annoyed after Apple posted “Samsung didn’t copy iPad” apology notice on its UK website, but instead of just acknowledging the judgement, it unleashed a scathing attack on Samsung by highlighting the comments made by the judge while comparing Apple and Samsung products and pointing out that a German court had found that Samsung engaged in unfair competition by copying the iPad design while ruling on the same patent. Apple had linked to the apology notice in the footer section of the website.

It remains to be seen when Apple will update its UK website with the apology notice as per the courts requirement. Apple is supposed to run the apology notice on its website until mid- December.

Do you think it is ridiculous to expect Apple to post the apology notice on its homepage? Or do you think Apple deserves it for trying to be cheeky? We would love to hear your thoughts.

[via The Next Web]

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  • grim reefa

    They deserve it. These patents and the patent wars are ridiculous and at least the UK and EU has the brains to see that and try to put a stop to the breakdown in consumer choice and tech competition.

    Apple should have done what the court said the first time instead of just ignoring them and showing contempt of court.

    Here’s hoping they will put more concentration into product design now instead of stupid claims and maybe we will have a iPhone 6 that isnt complete BS from ground up and instead matches/beats other top end phones in specs.

    • genXhippie

      I concur, well said.

  • Seeley

    I loved the cheekiness of the first one, but I think this court ruling is an absolute disgrace. Never have I heard of a company being made to advertise against themselves, and in my opinion is just another stupid ruling from the UK courts. Those courts around the world that ruled in favour of Apple, clearly made the right decision. I agree with the other comments about increasing innovation, but when a company as big as Samsung blatantly copies another, measures have to be taken.

    • iPhone 4

      There has not been a court that has found the Galaxy Tab to infringe on Apple’s patents and as such their first ad was misleading/incorrect. There have been preliminary injunctions in the US which was overturned and ruled an abuse of power. The German court has not gone to trial yet. If you followed the UK case you would know why Apple was ordered to print the ad relieving Samsung of the bad press. If Apple followed the UK courts orders during the trail then they could have avoided printing and advertising their loss and if they just followed orders again then they would have avoided reprinting their first ad. Even if they have similarities it does not mean they are a copy. I can not make sense of how you would purchase one thinking it was an iPad and if you happen to then you could always just return it.

      • grim reefa

        Indeed, some people just drink too much Apple juice to look at things clearly.

        • Po Wah

          IOS is made for low IQs :)

    • grim reefa

      You have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about do you? This kind of ruling happens every single day when companies make false claims about others and attempt to damage reputation. The courts then give them the responsibility of publicly retracting statements and attempting to apologize in various ways.
      Also… Courts around the world, are you insane? Not a single court has ruled that the Galaxy Tab design infringes the iPad, none , nada, zip!

      Disclaimer: And no im not a Android Fanboy, I own a iPad3, Galaxy S2, Gtab7, iPhone4S and love all of them in different ways. Point is I am not biased and speak with a clear mind rather then brainwashed. I simply cant stand that a company such as Apple could resort to such ridiculous claims.

  • Sai Thant

    Copycat Samsung , bullshit.

    • grim reefa

      You’re going to have to re-iterate that as its unclear on what your actually stating or which side of fence you’re on. Are you saying Samsung are copycats (which has been proven wrong in many courts now) or are you saying that Apples claims are bullshit?