Apple Sells Three Million iPads In Three Days

Apple has just announced that it has sold more than 3 million units of iPad mini and 4th generation iPad in three days.

iPad mini and iPad 4 went on sale in 34 countries on Friday, November 2nd.

Apple has issued the following statement on their site:

Apple today announced it has sold three million iPads in just three days since the launch of its new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad—double the previous first weekend milestone of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only models sold for the third generation iPad in March. The Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of both iPad mini and fourth generation iPad will ship in a few weeks in the US and in many more countries later this year. 

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had this to say about the launch:

Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.

Here’s some perspective on the numbers. It took Apple 28 days to sell the first million iPad units and 80 days to sell 3 million units. Apple set a record when it sold 3 million iPad 3’s in less than 4 days back in March, which was available in 10 countries initially.

We expect a significant portion of the 3 million units to be iPad mini as the iPad 4 is essentially a tweaked version of iPad 3.

[via Apple]

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  • Hmmm?

    Some impressive numbers but interesting that they didn’t disclose exact numbers for each. And I wander how many were from trade ins from 3rd generation iPad orders. And seriously, what’s up with commenting on mobile? Barely works even on the 5

  • BoatBoy

    So they sold about 29,412 iPad 4’s and iPad Mini’s combined per county of release per day? This is good??? (3,000,000 / 34 / 3) THis sounds like a huge flop. Remember, this is for BOTH the iPad 4’s and the Mini’s. Oh wait, I just reread this, it includes ALL iPads!

  • BoatBoy

    Let me ask a question, How is 29,412 units a day per country
    good news for the iPad lineup? Apple keeps releasing to more and more countries
    on the first week of sales to make naive people think things are all coming up
    roses. Do the math people, 3,000,000 divided by the 34 countries = 88,236. Now let’s
    look at the per day number 88,236 divided by the 3 days reports = 29,412! And
    this is good sales numbers? Remember, this is for the entire iPad lineup, not
    just the new iPad 4 and Mini. I am sure some of these sales are the “New” iPad
    and maybe even some iPad 3’s!

    • Kao Saephan

      It specifically says ipad mini and 4th generation ipad, which rules out ipad 3 sales numbers. They look at total sales numbers because that’s what matter from a business perspective. While it’s true that they’re expanding to more countries and launching in more countries, it’s still the total sales volume that determines a company’s success. 3 million in 3 days is still very impressive.

      • BoatBoy

        Most analilists look at same store/country sales so they can
        compare apples to apple. This is why you see “Same Store Sales” in most financials.

        You are correct that 3 million units is a large number, but when you do not
        give same area numbers, there is a reason.

        Maybe I read this wrong, but I read this as 2 separate statements
        “sold three million iPads in just three days” and “since the launch of its new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad” I do not see whey is says the number are for iPod 4’s and Mini’s.

        • Kao Saephan

          Now I’m not so sure either, but I took the “first weekend milestone” to mean newly launched products. Sure, companies will compare certain markets to determine its success in that single market, but ultimately it comes down to total sales and profits.

          Apple achieving these numbers as a single company is excellent. You can’t compare their sales number with the combined sales every other company and call it lackluster. The big picture is ios vs android and they’d love to have the majority market share, but as dollars and cents are concerned, it’s Apple vs any single manufacturer. This launch is viewed as a success, shattering their own previous records.

          I don’t even know why I bother commenting on these articles. I don’t even care lol! Personally, I’d like to see them fail so that they’ll go back to the drawing board and work extra hard to shock and awe us.

  • boss

    apple fav words- “love”, excited, big one, “in near future”, amazing,,,,,

  • barondebxl

    I love my iPad mini, I’m just starting to get used to the screen, coming from a retina display. battery life is fantastic and the size is great. ai owned the nexus 7 which I absolutely loved, but this is honestly a better tablet overall.

  • xiong

    Apple Sells Three Million iPads In Three Days, and returned two million iPad in five days.