Google to Judge: Apple Stalling on Giving Google Access to iOS 6 Source Code

As part of the ongoing patent case between Apple and Motorola Mobility (i.e. Google) in Miami, Moto/Google have been asking Apple for access to iOS 6 source code to check for patent infringements. All perfectly normal and acceptable thing to ask for. Except Apple hasn’t provided the source code, despite promises to do so for months.

FOSS Patents discusses Apple’s stalling and the fact that Google is running out of time to add new infringements to the Miami case (December 14th):

But prior to adding the iPhone 5, iPad mini and possibly other new Apple widgetry to the Miami action, Google’s litigators want to perform some infringement analysis. For this purpose, they need to look at the source code of iOS 6, the latest release of Apple’s smartphone/tablet operating system, which powers the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Now Google complaints that Apple has not provided the iOS 6 source code despite a general request for source code production made on May 30 and iOS-6-specific requests on August 7, October 25, and November 6. The last one of those requests was that Apple at least provide a “date certain”. Motorola is running out of time because the court set a December 14 deadline for accusations against new products.
From: FOSS Patents

Giving your opponent as little time as possible to review evidence is a long-standing legal tactic, there is a question buried in all this:

What is Apple hiding?

What is buried in the code of iOS 6 that could trigger more lawsuits or having, like Samsung has just done, the iPhone 5 and iPad mini added to infringement cases?

Scales of Justice by mikecogh from Flickr

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  • alan

    Lol it’s all crashing down around them, thieving dirty sceaming scumbags

  • Andrew

    Just seems like more greedy people to me.

  • Brent

    I wouldn’t want to give out my source code to my flagship product to my biggest competitor.

  • Rasberry

    This has gotten out of hand, Samsung in general is an offshore garbage company that can freely copy stuff from apple just because it’s an essential necesity now, and top it off google attacking as well to see if they can figure out some more ways to improve Android lol, in both the hardware and software fields it seems apple is being harvested for all they got.

  • rin

    Greedy apple

  • Galaxy

    Apple has become a copycat maker