Apple Teasing Black Friday Sales…in Australia

2012 11 19 08 16 30

The tradition of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is spreading to other countries. Here in Canada we have some Black Friday sales (mostly to try to stem the tide of cross-border shoppers), but not many. Apple, traditionally, doesn’t do a heck of a lot for Black Friday, but at least it doesn’t offer discounts to shoppers in just one country.

MacRumors caught the teaser on Apple Australia’s site for a “one day sale”. No prices are given, but these were last year’s deals:

  • iPad 2 – $41 to $61 Off
  • iPod nano – $11 off
  • iPod Touch – $21 to $41 off
  • MacBook Air – $101 off
  • MacBook Pro – $101 off
  • iMac – $101 off

I love the $101 off…

Regardless, nothing on the U.S. or Canadian stores yet hinting at a sale, but I think it’s a safe bet there will be some kind of deal on Friday. Nothing huge, no door crasher specials. If you want those, well you’ll need to check out other folks. I highlighted a couple Black Friday shopping apps for you if you want to start making your list ahead of time.

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