Apple Television Launch Isn’t “Imminent”

Yesterday’s report from Jefferies & Co., which suggested that Apple has been working with cable companies for an imminent Apple Television launch, seems to have certain parts of its information right, but according to AllThingsD, the “imminent” launch isn’t quite correct.

AllThingsD’s well-sourced John Paczkowski writes:

Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple has indeed had talks with a few large cable operators about some new TV product. It makes sense that one of them might be doing its due diligence on capacity issues and whatnot.

But the idea that a “potentially … imminent” launch is in the works seems harder to take seriously.


If Apple were close to launching a new service, it would almost certainly be in touch with TV programmers about new arrangements, and we haven’t heard anything along those lines.

Apple has reportedly met with a lot of opposition from content owners over licensing deals, just like it did when it had started off talking with music labels. This is said to be one of the main reasons behind Apple’s apparent “delay” in launching its TV product. That and of course trying to find a way to be compatible with the wide variety of cable standards across the world.

Until it comes up with an effective solution for these issues, Apple continues to iterate and improve its “hobby” product, the Apple TV, which sold an impressive 5 million units through fiscal year 2012.

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