Apple Removes Code From Its UK Website That Hid Its Apology To Samsung

Earlier this week, several Hacker news and Reddit users pointed out that Apple was using javascript code on its UK website that ensured that the apology isn’t displayed unless the visitor scrolls right to the bottom of the page, irrespective of his or her screen resolution.

CNET now notes that the code responsible for this behaviour has been pulled from Apple’s UK site.

The javascript code resized the central “hero” image to take up the whole screen, and the leftover portion was taken up by smaller images of other Apple products. Now that the code is pulled, there’s no such forced resizing, which means that browsers with sufficient vertical resolution can see the apology without scrolling.

The javascript code is still hosted on Apple’s servers, just that it isn’t called from the Apple UK homepage.

Here’s a screenshot of the updated Apple UK website, on an iPad 3:


As you can see, if the browser is tall enough, the message is visible.

We still do not know if the forced resizing was intentional, but at least this time around, Apple didn’t wait for an intervention by the judges to make things right.

Apple was ordered by a UK court to post a statement that said Samsung’s products didn’t infringe Apple’s designs. After posting an initial apology, which didn’t comply with the judge’s orders, Apple was forced to amend its statement.

You can see Apple’s UK site without the resizing code over here, and the apology over here.

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