Apple Ordered To Pay $368.2 Million To VirnetX Over Patented Technology Used In FaceTime

Bloomberg reports that a federal jury has ordered Apple to pay $368.2 million to VirnetX, an Internet Security related company, after it was found that Apple infringes VirnetX’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) related patents in its implementation of FaceTime on iOS and Mac.

VirnetX has a separate case against Apple pending in with the U.S. International Trade Commission along with several other high profile companies like Cisco and Siemens. The company also won a settlement of $200 million from Microsoft in a 2010 case.

From Bloomberg’s report:

The VirnetX patents cover the use of a domain-name service to set up virtual private networks, through which a website owner can interact with customers in a secure way or an employee can work at home and get access to a company’s electronic files. VirnetX had sought $708 million in damages.

“For years Apple refused to pay fair value for the VirnetX patents,” Doug Cawley, a lawyer with McKool Smith in Dallas who represents VirnetX, said in closing arguments. “Apple says they don’t infringe. But Apple developers testified that they didn’t pay any attention to anyone’s patents when developing their system.”

Apple’s defence lawyers unsuccessfully argued in court that VirnetX’s technology was a small part of a much larger, complex product.

AllThingsD says that Apple is expected to file an appeal with the court to reconsider the jury’s ruling.

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  • laurnzo

    Cough up idiots.. you don’t run the world.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Don’t they?

      • BoatBoy

        Sue everybody and you better expect to be sued. Apple set the stage and now is the center of what they setup.

        No, Apple is just another player, they are not the puppet master.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          Aren’t they the puppet master? THE MOST VALUABLE COMPANY ON THE PLANET.

          They RUN the world, we just live in it.

  • chungpham2004

    apple keeps getting @!#@ shoving up their *#@ … karma is a b*tch… :)

  • Pacomacman

    Anyone thinking Apple are in the wrong here needs to think again. Just about every software company on the planet infringes on someone’s patent with ever 100 lines of code they write. You dream up a bit of code and think it’s unique, but someone has always written that bit of code before, and probably has a patent on it. Only the big companies become targets for these patent trolls, because its not worth their while going after everybody. Believe me, software patents do not protect intellectual rights as much as stifling innovation.

    • Po Wah

      You never put it that way when Apple was sueing samsung buddy. I guess it’s alright when Apple does it right?

  • grim reefa

    Isn’t Karma a b*tch!! :D

  • Jerome D. Sears

    I guess Apple do copy.

  • GuanGadget

    Still plenty of change left over from the $1 billion they palmed off Sammy!

    • bcsc

      They haven’t gotten anything yet. My guess is that due to the sheer amount of jury misconduct that number will be drastically reduced if not nullified entirely. Never mind the face that one of the main patents has since been invalidated by the USTPO. Rubberband counts for nothing and will have to be removed and adjusted from this judgement. I just love to see this put in the faces of people who call Samsung copycats.

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        That doesn’t make them any less copycats, that’s just this FINE American justice system at work.

        Come to America, where confessed killers walk because the proper warrant wasn’t signed on the correct line by the right DIstrict Attorney and where you can blatantly rip off a company’s patents because some guy on the jury knows a guy who works for a company whose president once owned stock in one of the companies.