AppleCare Pulled from Italian Apple Stores

2012 11 12 12 43 56

As part of the ongoing dispute with Italy (and the EU, I’d wager)—Apple Hit With $1.2 Million Fine in Italy For Improper Warranty Disclosure Dec 2011 and Apple Threatened With Closure Of Italian Operations Over Product Warranty July 2012—Apple has pulled AppleCare from store shelves and sent out an email to customers.

According to 9to5Mac and setteB.IT, Apple is pulling AppleCare from shelves:

“Cork, 9th November 2012

Notice: AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) in Italy

As of November 9, 2012, Apple stopped selling AppleCare Protection Plan in Italian Apple Store and the distribution of the APP program at Apple Authorized Resellers (including Telephone Operators and Apple Authorized Service Centers).

The Apple Authorized Resellers in Italy can stop the sale of APP both box and auto-enroll (without box) versions, starting today you can return the stocked products back to Apple by 10 December 2012.

Customers wishing to purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan will continue to do so through the Apple Online Store.”
From: Apple takes AppleCare off the shelves in Italy following antitrust investigation | 9to5Mac

Not only that, although you can buy AppleCare in Italy online, you can’t access AppleCare services over the phone: “From the email, it also appeared Apple will no longer offer AppleCare-related services over the phone in the country.” (9to5Mac).

While I think AppleCare is a great investment to protect your devices (especially AppleCare+ with the “oops” protection), if you’re covered for two years by law, you need to think pretty hard about spending the money really for only one year of additional coverage and probably no other benefits in the interim.

I need to pick up AppleCare for my new devices (you have up to 30 days to buy it after you buy your new shiny), I feel a little anxious not having them all protected.

How about you? AppleCare, yes or no?

What would you do in a place where you get 2 years of coverage by law?