Apps That Caught Our Eye for November 28th: Chrome, Photoshop, Cubby, Google Drive, and More

2012 11 28 13 23 07

Everyday new and interesting apps grab our attention, not to mention the raft of updates (like Skype and Vimeo today) that we see (sometimes hourly). Today we’re trying something new. Here are a few apps that caught our eye or have been updated as of mid-day. We’ll update the post towards the end of the day if there is anything new to mention.

Let’s hit the updates first, Skype and Vimeo we’ve covered, but what else has been updated worth mentioning…


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Chrome for iOS: Passbook support, open PDFs in other apps, stability improvements

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Google DriveCreate, edit and collaborate on spreadsheets , Upload to Drive from other apps using “Open in…” , Manage upload progress and see recent uploads in new Uploads section, Rich text copy-paste within a document , Improved speed and stability, Improved contact search for sharing. Nice editing spreadsheets! Finally!

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Photoshop for iPad: Support for Pogo Connect, Jot Touch, and JaJa pressure-sensitive styli. Improved layout for iPad mini.

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500px: Support for iPhone has arrived!

Coming Soon…

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Angry Birds Star Wars: Ice planet Hoth level coming November 29th.

Out of beta…

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Cubby for iOS: From the folks at LogMeIn. Like Dropbox, but you get 5GB free to start and 1GB free with each friend you add.

Looks interesting

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Travel Nerd Airport Guide (Free): Looks helpful for holiday travel. Universal app. Love to know how accurate it is.

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Game of Thrones Official Companion App: I’ve read all the books and watch the show…but even fans have to admit the mind-blowing number of characters and detail can get to be a little much. This free app, with in app purchases, might help you keep things straight.

That’s all for now. Any other new apps or updated apps you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments or  send us a tip.


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