Apps We’ve Noticed November 29th: Etsy for iPad, Klip, Pocket, Fantastical

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Besides the fact that iTunes 11 came out today, there have been a few cool apps that caught our eye as well. You might already have heard that much-lauded calendar app Fantastical has made the jump to iOS (again to rave reviews), but what about an app that lets you control a world made of clay?

How can you not like a game that has a promo shot like this:

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Squash things and grow big! Oh yeah. Clay Jam is a free game from Zynga (with in app purchases) that looks really fun. Yes, I downloaded it…no I haven’t tried it…yet

Update: I started playing…and yeah it’s a lot of fun. Highly recommended for semi-mindless game play.

Sticking with the games theme here, I told you yesterday that Angry Birds Star Wars would have new levels today—and so it does! Cave in and download (I’m so, so close to giving in) or just update.

In the updated department we have, Klip Video that ties in with the video sharing site, Klip. For the craft lovers Etsy for iOS finally is universal so it looks good on the iPad. Pocket (the app formally known as Read It Later), has iOS updates to match with the Mac updates from yesterday. Finally for updates we have the music discovery app Hype Machine which says that what’s new is literally everything…so that sounds promising.

Finally, in the “please don’t tease us” department is Twitterific. Yes the beloved Twitter app has been getting attention and a new version will come out in about a week. Let’s see how an improved Twitterific can challenge our current fav Tweetbot.

Anything cool we missed? Let us know…

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