Atari Launches PongWorld for 40th Anniversary and It’s Not Your Dad’s Pong



Lots of folks, including me, have fond memories of Pong. Back in the day that was pretty amazing stuff. Heck I even begged my parents for the Coleco game console that only played pong-like games. Even then, it was amazing. In honor of Pong’s 40th birthday, Atari has released PongWorld a new take on an old classic.

If you remember Pong (and related games) they were black and white and you just bounced a ball off a white rectangle. Today’s PongWorld is something different entirely. And it’s pretty cool and fun.

The app is free and works on both the iPad and iPhone. Yes, there are in app purchases to get more coins so you can upgrade your “paddle” (which is a critter) and other fun stuff. But enough talk, let’s play:

Clearly, I need practice. A lot of practice. I recorded this on my iPad mini, but did play on my iPad 4 as well. Yeah, a lot easier to play on the lighter iPad mini…a lot easier.

I’m not sure that I’ll keep playing it…but it’s certainly cute, well done, and fun.

What do you think? Is this a game that honors the original…or just…ugh?

PongWorld is available in the App Store and so is the classic Atari game set too.

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