AT&T Enticing Customers with $100 Off Tablets

AT&T has just announced that starting tomorrow (November 9) if you buy any tablet at an AT&T store, with a two year data plan, you’ll receive $100 off the price.

As Matthew Panzarino of TNW noted, this is very unusual for the tablet market. AT&T, and other carriers, have been offering reasonable month-to-month plans for tablets—yes read iPad in this offering—but not the usual subsidy that smartphone owners are used to. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the $100 savings is worth being locked into a two-year contract. For that kind of subsidy I don’t’ think so.

Here’s what AT&T had to say in its press release:

Tablet customers can choose from several qualifying data plan options, including adding a tablet to an AT&T Mobile Share plan for just $10 per month.  With Mobile Share, customers share a single bucket of data – from 1GB up to 20GB – with other devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and more.

The full range of tablet data plan options include:

  • AT&T Mobile Share: $10 to share between 1 GB and 20GB
  • AT&T DataConnect 250MB: $15 for 250MB
  • AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

“AT&T has the widest variety of tablets and a broad choice of data plans to pick from” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T. “With this new promotional discount for any tablet we sell, we’re giving our customers even more reason to stock up on the hottest device of the season, and just in time for the holidays”

Via: AT&T

Will other carriers follow suit or is AT&T just trying to get more long-term tablet customers?

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