Barclays Bank Deploys 8500 iPads To UK Employees

iPad enterpriseThe iPad continues its impressive strides into the enterprise market segment, with news that Barclays is reportedly buying 8500 iPads for its UK employees to improve customer service at the bank. Far from a niche customer device, the iPad is finding its way from the living room to boardroom to the sales floor in more and more places.

Channel Register got word from the PR department of Barclays UK informing them of the purchase, which is said to be the largest rollout of any tablet in the UK financial sector. Here’s what the PR rep said:

“We investigated a number of different tablet options and in this instance, we concluded that iPads were the best solution for their specific needs. We are now starting to use these across Barclays branches in the UK.”

The bank’s decision to opt for the iPad, besides employee demand, might have been due to an iPad app called Mortgage Brain made to help mortgage brokers in their work. The app is jointly owned by six banks including Barclays Woolwich.

The president of the retailer, from which the 8500 iPads were bought, notes that the iPad is seeing “significant interest” in the enterprise market. Apple has made it a point to highlight the strong growth in the adoption of iPads and iPhones in the enterprise, assuring investors that it doesn’t just cater to the consumer market.

The interest the iPad is seeing in the corporate segment could pose a long term threat to Microsoft’s revenues—a large part of which comes from the company’s enterprise customers. Its newest release, Windows 8, is marketed as a “no compromise” PC + Tablet environment, with hopes of appealing to CIOs of large companies. Most recently, Emirates handed over a 1000 HP Windows 8 tablets to flight crews to them them help passengers better. That number, though impressive, is significantly less than the 8500 iPad units Barclays rolled out.

While Apple still has a long way to unseat Microsoft as the leader in the enterprise PC/tablet market, its head start in the tablet space might just make the task much easier.

Via: The Next Web