Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for iPhone and iPad

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The holiday season is upon us and if there is one thing that make the holidays then holidays, it’s food. We all have our favorite recipes (I have books and card files of them), but sometimes you need to find something new or need to learn the best way to do something. And that’s why we have apps. Oh yes, I bring you my favorite cooking apps.

In addition to photography, one of my life-long hobbies has been cooking. I started early and have been cooking up a storm for well over 30 years. In addition to my stash of cookbooks and magazines, I have an arsenal of apps to find new recipes and learn new techniques. Here are my favorite app picks for finding recipes, learning new things, and matching wine with food.

My favorite apps for finding recipes:

Recipe Box this app is from the Loblaws/President’s Choice supermarkets here in Canada (yes, I found it in the U.S. App Store too) and is a nice place to get ideas. Yes, it tends to highlight their own products, but most things have easy substitutes.

Urbanspoon for iPad and iPhone have been go to apps for me to answer the age-old question: okay how can I cook chicken breast differently tonight (I suggest brining it to start).

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List another solid recipe app. Yes, I tend to check two or three or four recipe apps to see what I like. Then sometimes I take something from all of them for a dish of my own creation.

BigOven is often the first place I check. I’ve found a lot of great, simple, and fast ideas from this app. Heck it’s free too.

Food Network In the Kitchen and Food Network Canada if you cook and don’t even occasionally watch the Food Network, I don’t think you can call yourself a cook. The Canadian version is free, the American will set you back a couple bucks.

Best ways to Learn something new (and recipes too):

Cook’s Illustrated Magazine came out from the amazing magazine and PBS show “America’s Test Kitchen”. The app is…well one of the best (maybe the best) iPad magazines I’ve ever seen. There are subtle animations, videos, quick jumps to sections. Oh and if you want to learn the best way to cook something or the best ingredient or best whatever, Cook’s Illustrated will have it. This is a must, must subscribe for the foodie. Heck give it as a gift to a foodie you know. They will love you forever.

Appetites another video lesson app. New lessons come out all the time. I haven’t watched in a while, but you know I do need to start thinking about holiday dinners and parties…

Picking wines:

Choosing the right wine with the right food can be a challenge. Yet another good thing for an app to help you with!

Wine Picks & Pairings by Natalie MacLean a Canadian app (also available in the U.S. App Store), with great advice. If you come upon a Canadian wine you can’t find elsewhere, there is bound to be another suggestion to help point you in the right direction.

Snooth Wine there are free (this one) and paid versions of this app. Same idea as above. I’m eating this, what goes with it.

Other apps I’ve found

In my looking around I found these apps too. Haven’t tried them all yet (though people rave about Panna…don’t know how it could be better than Cook’s Illustrated), but always worth a look.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking for iPad Looks like while this is focuses on Thanksgiving, I bet you could make it work for other holiday meals.

Panna oh more video lessons on cooking. Sign me up.

Key Ingredient RecipeGrazer I don’t think you can have too many apps for recipes. Just saying.

Those are my picks. I’m sure I could cook up a few more if you put my feet to fire, but I think these are a nice appetizer for you to whip something up.

Cookbooks from Flickr by Emily Laurel

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