Black Friday Shopping Deals Live in U.K. Apple Store

2012 11 22 16 39 18

Earlier today we let you know when Aussies and Kiwis were able to take advantage of Apple’s one day sale (aka Black Friday sale), now its the U.K.’s turn to start checking out the bargains.

Just as will the stores Down Under, the U.K. store is offering the same scale discounts on Apple gear. Here is a look at the specials section in the U.K. store:

2012 11 22 16 46 26

What do you think, are these Apple one-day sales worth it?

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  • Scott Rudd

    Canceled my MBP Retina Last week placed order again Today £81 in my pocket ;-) went for 2.6Ghz with 16GB RAM ;-)

    • Nhân Phan

      Congrats on saving £81 from Apple.

  • Scott Rudd

    First well second now ;-)

  • peros

    in sweden the apple store gives the ipad 2 on black firday for 3318 swedish krones,but i can find it normal price in the store for 2979 swedish krones i dont know this year its sucks,last year was much much better.

  • Subunesss

    like on the east coast…save 41/51/61 for ipad 16/32/64