Blux Releases an iPad Version of Their App and We Have Codes to Win!

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Remember how Blux Camera was one of my picks for the best photo apps for the iPhone? Well they’ve just released a version for the iPad and it’s not only cool and fun, but we have codes for you!

Today we saw that Blux Camera released an iPad version of their innovative camera app and while $0.99 is a bargain for this great app (that prices isn’t going to last either!), we have some codes for you because that’s how much we love you guys.

If you read my earlier review of Blux camera for iPhone, you’ve got the gist of the iPad version. Same cool interface, same easy tap to change settings, just embiggened for the iPad. I haven’t tried it on my iPad 4 yet, but I’ll tell you it’s pretty sweet on the iPad mini. Of course taking pics with your iPad looks kinda, well, nuts, but at least with Blux you’ll have a cool app to do it with.

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For this giveaway, just leave a comment and tweet a link to this post. Leave your Twitter ID in the comment so we can double check. We have three codes to giveaway and don’t dawdle, I’m picking the winners at 6 PM PT tomorrow (Saturday).

Maybe in your comment let me know when you’d use your iPad as a camera. Just because I think we’ve all taken a pic now and then with our iPads…let’s see if we all have the same reasons.

Update: Winners! They are:


This app look AMAZING I would love it on my ipad mini 🙂

Also, I take pictures with my ipad mini everyday especially when I go to the city or the Forrest I love nature 🙂

Drew Eastman:

posted and lovin it 🙂


I would love to have this app on my mini iPad 🙂

I’ll be tweeting and emailing the winners now! Thanks again to Blux for supplying the codes!

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