iTunes Store is Down for Many. iTunes 11 Coming? Or Fixing Dirty Keyword Results? (Update: status resolved)

We’re seeing lots of reports on Twitter and have confirmed ourselves trying to download app, that the iTunes store is (sorta) down. I can still search for apps and get results, but downloading? Not so much.

Update: Going out on a limb, but maybe the iTune Store is down because of some strange keyword results Forbes has found.

Update: Looks like everything is back to normal in iTunes land.

Here is what’s on Twitter:

Mooseknuckle757: @iphonehackx Itunes 11 has …

rajupp: WTF? iTunes app store is down?

samratm: iTunes Store down

and here’s what we’re seeing on our machines:

2012 11 15 11 22 29

So, temporary fluke or is iTunes 11 coming? All speculation and will see what the Mac App Store updates have to say. Stay tuned, we’ll update this post with more as we learn more.

Since iTunes 11 was delayed at the end of October, we’ve been wondering when iTunes 11 might launch.

Update: That didn’t take long, the iTunes store is back up back up for me, but not everyone. Maybe it was a fluke, but you know I don’t think so. I think Apple needed to pause things for an update.

Here’s what Apple System Status is saying (couple mins ago):

Hmm, maybe a raft of iTunes Match renewals causing issues? The first renewals are coming due about now.

 Update 2: Maybe, just maybe this post from Forbes highlighting strange search results from dirty words is the real cause of the iTunes Store behaving strangely. Maybe Apple is trying to do a rapid clean up so “incest” and “beastiality” don’t lead to kids games.

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  • Catherine Winters

    Is this supposed to be the GOOD one that separates music and App store and syncing, or a stop-gap measure that’s still more of the same?

    • Tris Hussey

      It’s supposed to be an overhaul, but I don’t expect the first update out of the gate to be too fancy schmancy.

  • iamtheonejebus

    Slow news day indeed. :)

  • Rounak Jain

    still unavailable for me

  • calcp

    Even the Mac App Store (Software Update) is down for me.

    • Tris Hussey

      That’s working for me…since I’m seeing if iTunes 11 is dropping soon (ish)

      • calcp

        I checked back about a half hour later and it was able to authenticate my AppleID (which was what kept stalling on my prior attempts.)

  • Jose

    Was trying to update some apps and couldn’t connect to iTunes Store

    • Dajtoo

      Same here.

  • peros

    4min it was for me “swedish store”couldent download anything now is back again for some apps.

  • Mozy

    I can’t update to 6.0.1 or access the store. It just keeps loading. iTunes FAIL.

  • laurnzo

    Been working for me for the past 4hrs.. I’m in DC. Don’t know if that matters

    • Laurnzo

      So i just tried downloading a free app and it’s still working for me

  • Rounak Jain

    working now