ChillTab4 a Simple and Elegant iPad Stand


ChillTab stands might not be a household name, but I’ve had a ChillTab on my desk for years now—an early prototype of the ChillTab2® in fact—because Adam Berson who makes them here in Vancouver has been letting me check out and test his aluminum creations since he started making them a couple years ago. Adam swung by my place recently—yes, hand delivered—to show my the newest in his line of tablet stands the ChillTab4® and it’s a tablet stand that just works.

Look, there is nothing fancy about Adam’s stands and that, frankly, is the beauty of them. Sure there are the usual touches of padding in the right places, non-slip feet, and covers on the edges, but really what works is that Adam designed the form to follow the function.

The ChillTab4 is a low slung version of the ChillTab2. It sits lower on your table or desk (turns out it is perfect for sitting on a keyboard tray) and holds tablets in two different positions. The first position (on the shorter front side) I’ll call the “viewing” slot. The slot is padded with some extra durable foam that is a huge improvement over the foam Adam was using in the ChillTab2 I have (the foam on the arms of that one is wearing out—makes sense because I’ve been using it for two years solid) and is designed to hold your iPad or really any tablet at the right angle for watching a movie, reading, or just glancing at. As you’ll see in the photos below, I keep my iPad mini on the keyboard tray of my desk so I can glance at something I’m reading or see emails come in. Very handy I tell you. The other side of the ChillTab4 for is the “work side” where your tablet sits at a nice angle for typing. The mini feels a little small there, but a full-sized iPad is perfect.

The ChillTab4 is made from one single piece of heavy duty aluminum bent into the right shape. This is how Adam starts all his stands he makes (he makes an aluminum MacBook stand that is pretty spiffy too). The powder-coated aluminum stand certainly stands the test of time. My two-year old ChillTab2 looks just as great now as it did when I first checked it out.

The ChillTab4 is a great stand for your desk. Toss in your bag to carry around? Maybe not, but I doubt Adam had that in mind when he designed it.

Why would you want one of these stands over ones from other folks. Well, I guess it comes down to looking at something that is made by a small business that hires local people to make its products. I know Adam takes a lot of care and attention to designing the things he makes, it’s that kind of thing I feel good about supporting.

You can buy the ChillTab4 online, or if you happen to live in Canada several retail stores.

ChillTab4 Tablet Stand Welcome to the latest iPad/Tablet/iPhone stand from ChillBed Industries Ltd. The ChillTab4 Tablet stand is perfect for typing in the Reclined Position, and great for viewing movies or reading the blogs in the Upright Position. Cased or covered tablets fit easily on the ChillTab 4. Non slip rubber feet keep the ChillTab 4 secure. Great for video conferencing, keep one for yourself, give the other as a gift. It’s Universal, so all tablets will fit comfortably. ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands and Chilltab Tablet Stands Online Store | ChillBeds Industries

Here are pictures of the ChillTab4, in action, on my desk…

ChillTab4 007
ChillTab4 008
ChillTab4 019
ChillTab4 020
ChillTab4 021
ChillTab4 022
ChillTab4 023
ChillTab4 024
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