Clear For Mac Goes Live On The Mac App Store For $6.99

Clear for Mac, the desktop sibling of popular iOS to-do app Clear, has gone live on the Mac App Store for an initial discounted price of $6.99.

The app brings to the Mac, the same gesture based interface that made Clear for iOS extremely popular. So you can swipe to strike off items from a list, pinch to close or expand lists or scroll to the extreme top to add a new task. A notable variation from the iOS version as far as the UI is concerned is the use of multiple windows, which isn’t technically possible on iOS.

Along with multitouch gestures, the app also supports mouse and keyboard as alternative modes of input for users without a trackpad.


The app also features iCloud integration, for which the iOS client was updated to version 1.2.

Reviews of the app have mostly been positive, with the appreciation largely revolving around the innovative gesture based UI.

Federico Viticci over at MacStories writes:

Clear isn’t an iOS app ported to the Mac. Like Tweetbot, Due, Reeder, and many other iOS-first apps of this new software era, Clear is an app that, in its transition to OS X, has been reworked with consistency and familiarity in mind. Consistency with the app it originates from, so to make users familiar with the interface; consistency with native OS X elements, leveraging familiarity with the platform as a tool to bring users up to speed quickly.

The Verge says that the app is worth its full price of $14.99 only if you’re a die hard Clear for iOS user:

In the end, Clear for Mac is a very good application, but I’d only wholeheartedly recommend it to diehard Clear for iPhone users considering its steep price: $14.99 (on sale for $6.99 today, which is more reasonable). There’s just no way around the fact that Reminders for Mac and Wunderlist have similar (if not much greater) feature sets, but are totally free.

In a conversation with The Next Web, Dan Counsell of Realmac software explained the reasoning behind the high pricing of the app:

“We spent around 8 months developing Clear for Mac, that’s more than double the time we spent on the iPhone version. We knew we couldn’t sell it for 99¢,” he said. “Low prices only really work on iOS because of the sheer volume of users.”

Clear for Mac is presently on sale at $6.99 until the end of the day, following which the price will climb to $9.99 briefly and finally reach its full price of $14.99. You can buy Clear for Mac from the Mac App Store, and Clear for iOS from the iOS App Store.

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