Makers of Second Life Bring Us Creatorverse: Creating Interactive 2D Art

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The folks at Linden Labs know something about collaborative, creative spaces. We don’t hear much about Second Life anymore, but that doesn’t mean the folks there haven’t been busy. Their newest project is called Creatorverse and it is an app that can make your doodles come to life.

First watch the video (describing Creatorverse without this base is…challenging):

The app is available in the iTunes App Store for $5 and as you saw, it’s like all those simple stop-motion animations or a kindergarten collage came to life on your screen.

I can’t say that the app blows me away from a “wow I can make a robot out of rectangles move” point of view, but what does intrigue me is the collaborative aspect of the project. I see a lot of potential prototyping apps and even physical objects this way. Why not, if you can emulate the physical world, you could see how something might work before you build it?

Besides the whole “revenge of the kids art class” vibe…what do you think about this project?

Via The Loop


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