Cyber Monday Deals for your Mac? More like Cyber Monday Steals for your Mac! [Deals Hub]

Cyber Monday is here – and iPhone Hacks has two tremendous deals that hit the mark.

You can grab both of these two bundles for under $100 – or simply buy The Mac Utility Bundle and The iStack Mac Bundle and for $59.99 and $49.99 respectively. No matter which way you slice it, you’re going to be getting a great deal of value for very little cash!

Here’s what each of the bundles has to offer…

The Mac Utility Bundle

  • Parallels Desktop 8: The #1 Rated Utility to Run Windows on Your Mac ($80.00)
  • Snagit for Mac: Record Screen Videos, Enhance Your Images, & Share to More Destinations w/ the Ultimate Screen Capture Tool ($50.00)
  • VirusBarrier X6: Protect your Mac from Network Threats, Viruses, Trojan Horses & All Other Malware ($50.00)
  • MacOptimizer: An Incredibly Fast & Efficient Disk Utility to Help You Clean, Repair & Organize your Mac ($29.00)
  • Rubbernet: Keep an Eye on All Network-Enabled Apps Running on Your Mac to Speed it Up ($36.00)

The iStack Mac Bundle

  • Camtasia 2: Easily Create Stunning Screen Captures & Video Recordings ($99.00)
  • Circus Ponies NoteBook: Boost Your Performance at Work so You Get The Raises You Want ($50.00)
  • CrossOver XI: Easily Open Windows Software on Your Mac ($60.00)
  • FX Photo Studio Pro: One Application With Unlimited Creativity ($40.00)
  • LittleSnapper: Picture Perfect Screenshots for Your Mac ($40.00)
  • Printopia: Print Anything From Your iPhone and iPad to Any Printer ($20.00)
  • xTeam: The Easiest Tool For Resources Scheduling ($99.00)
  • MoneyBag: One of the Best Finance Apps on the Market ($60.00)
  • Habits: A Life Changing App That Helps You Create Good Habits & Break Bad Ones ($20.00)
  • SyncMate Expert: Sync All of Your Devices & Accounts With This All-Inclusive Mac App ($40.00)
  • Build iPhone & iPad Games W/out Programming: Build iPhone & iPad Games & Launch Them Into The Mac Store ($250.00)

You can learn more about each of the apps on their respective deals pages, and there’s plenty of other bonuses to be found on those pages as well – so make sure you take a look around for any of the freebies and giveaways we’ve got lined up for this year’s Cyber Monday festivities.

The combined regular price of these bundles is a staggering $1027…and you can get both for a shade under $100! These deals are too good to pass up, so head over to the iPhone Hacks Deals page for The Mac Utility Bundle and The iStack Mac Bundle and stock up on some serious Mac apps today!

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