Desti for iPad Let’s You Ask Where You Want to Go…and Tells You

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Traveling and vacations can be fun, but they can also be frustrating. Where’s the best place to go? What’s fun to do with kids? Desti is a new travel planning app for iPad just out in public beta that aims to help you with all your travel planning.

Here’s the idea behind Desti. You are planning a trip (I think it will also work while you’re there and stumped for ideas, but it’s forte is supposed to be planning) to Monterey (that’s the only city Desti works with at the moment) and you want to find things to do, a hotel, places to shop, places to eat, and then share it all with your family. Like Siri, Desti works with natural language processing so you can ask something like “where is a good place for dinner” and you’ll get restaurants (as you’d expect). The app builds on a social component so you can see how your friends liked (or didn’t) a suggestion.

Think about the last time you were planning a trip. Chances are that you needed to go to numerous websites just to get all the information to book your trip, perhaps going to the local tourism website, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Kayak, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  With Desti, all of that goes away thanks to a knowledgebase that it claims contains an “ever-growing amount of travel data, photos, maps, and reviews”. The company says that Desti should be able to also tell you if a hotel is noisy or whether a small bed and breakfast is good for a romantic weekend — things that would be very important in planning any trip.

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 Good idea? Oh yeah, great idea. How well will it work? Well, that’s going to depend on how quickly Desti can move beyond Monterey and into other major tourist places. From the intro video, the features are great. Just what everyone who is planning a trip will need:

Better thank just Googling everything?

Desti beta in the App store.

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