Evernote 5 for iOS Released

ENv5 iOS Vertical 3 1

We didn’t have to wait long to get Evernote 5 for iOS. Pushed out today the major redesign of the extremely popular note taking app is now available in the App Store.

This redesign is intended to make Evernote not only more attractive but also more useful, and I can say that in the few minutes that I’ve been playing with the app—Evernote succeeded.

The new tabbed interface looks great on the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. As their launch blog post said this morning:

Our apps never stop evolving. Every few weeks, we release an update that adds something new or improves an existing feature. It’s not often that we launch a complete redesign. In fact, it happens only once every few years. That’s what we’re doing today with our huge, new Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While the first thing you’ll notice right away is the new home screen, in my opinion that’s not the best new feature. The new “Quick Note Buttons” that are always accessible from the little pull-down tab give you three fast options: text note, photo note (I used this feature to take pictures of whiteboard before erasing them), and the page camera button. Just like the photo note, except this option is tuned to you taking pictures of something written on a page (optimized for the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine).

Gone is the cluttered interface.

Gone is the “desktop app brought to iOS” feel of the original app. This is really a mobile app. Everything is put where you can quickly tap and touch to get access to your notes. A huge, huge step up for Evernote.

One of the neat design features that Evernote put in was on the iPad you can see your most recent notes on the top of the screen. Very handy if you are working on meeting notes and need to jump back to them after looking at something else.

Notebook views gather stacks of notebooks together (and the notebooks look like the brown paper Moleskine notebooks, I noticed), that you can drill down to for more info.

For people who like to see their notes organized six ways from Sunday, Evernote is good with that. You have:

  • Notes view
  • Notebooks view
  • Tags (if you use them) view
  • Places view (really interesting, see where you wrote the notes)
  • Premium features view. For premium users, you can look at and manage your premium features in one view.

I’m’ really looking forward to putting this app through it’s paces today. And with the beta of Evernote 5 for Mac out (and matching the design style), it’s like a great family of design awesomeness. Here are some screenshots from my iPhone and both iPads:


Evernote 5 iPhone
Evernote 5 on iPad mini
Evernote 5 on iPad 4
Notebook view: iPhone
Note from Skitch in iPhone
Notebook view, iPad 4
Page Camera iPhone
Tag view, iPad

Do you use Evernote? What do you think of the new interface? If you don’t use Evernote…is the new look something that might bring you into the fold?

Evernote in the App Store (free).