Facebook for iOS Updated—Yes! You Can Share and Tag Friends in Comments Now!

Tap that update button folks, because just a little more than a week since Facebook updated their iOS app with a bunch of new features, we have another update and this time, wait for it, you can share items your friends post to your own timeline.

Fine this isn’t mind-blowingly amazing, but it’s about freakin’ time, right?

Here’s the iTunes link for Facebook and the release notes for 5.2:

What’s New in Version 5.2
Now you can share the best stories from your news feed with just one tap.
• New Share link to re-post stories from your news feed
• Tag your friends in any post, comment or photo
• Smileys, hearts and other emoji in messages
• To sort your feed, tap the button next to News Feed in the left sidebar

Looking at my own Facebook stream I found I could share some things and not others (below):

2012 11 15 14 25 37

Still doesn’t look like we can tag friends in updates yet, maybe that’s next week’s update!

Oops! You can tag friends in comments now! And it does work, just tried it.

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