First New iMac Unboxing Video And Teardown Photos

As Apple’s new ultra-thin iMacs goes on sale around the world, Ben Pasternak from Australia has posted the first unboxing video of the new 21.5-inch iMac, which he bought at his local Apple Store.

The new iMacs sport an ultrathin design, powered by the latest generation quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with 8GB RAM, improved display with reduced reflection and an innovative storage called Fusion Drive (optional), which combines the high storage capacity of a traditional hard drive with the high performance of flash storage.

Check out Ben’s unboxing video below:

Japanese site Kodawarisan has posted teardown photos, which gives us a glimpse of what’s inside the new iMac.

We’ll have to wait for iFixit—the teardown experts to disassemble the new iMac and tell us if they find anything interesting inside that Apple hasn’t revealed so far.

[Ben Pasternak via MacRumors]

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  • Сергей Игоревич

    First time i see apple lying. Sure, its ultrathin, but its not 5 mm. Pffffhhhhh. What a fail

    • BoatBoy

      But it is an Apple, so just buy it and shut up :)

  • Modjo30

    They never claimed it to be 5mm, when the unveiled it they stated it was 5mm thick at the edges, which it is, but you still have to be a complete moron to pay for harware you can get for a 3rd of the price in the PC market

  • maxilus

    The new iMac packaging look kinda unsual.