Get endless file storage with The Dropbox Pro for Life Giveaway [Giveaway]


I use Dropbox…a lot. In fact, with its recent partnership with Asana, the service is becoming more and more entrenched in my life – and in the lives of those I share files with. As Dropbox has gained popularity, the popularity of using USB sticks and external drives has dropped (although you really need to keep things in three places to be sure they actually exist – I learned that from listening to Alex Lindsey on MacBreak Weekly over the years).

Still, Dropbox has become indispensable, and the latest giveaway that iPhone Hacks Deals has in store for you takes that and multiplies it exponentially. In fact, I can’t put a true number on it because we’re offering Dropbox for life. But I can put a number on the value of the giveaway – $9600!

Before iCloud, there was Dropbox…and Dropbox still has that going for it. The Windows crowd loves it because it works so well with their platform, and Dropbox has a snappy web interface and the ability to link up with virtually any platform anywhere – and at anytime. That means where you go, so do your files. And for someone who is all about efficiency and effectiveness, that’s about as good as it gets.

But back to the giveaway: 1 lucky winner will win a Dropbox Pro plan for the rest of their life. Let’s break that down. You’ll get 100 GB of storage per year for the next 80 years of your life – a $9600 value. You’d be hard pressed to take full advantage of that space, but at least you know you’ll have it. Video, audio, documents – you name it – you can keep it in Dropbox when you’ve got that much room to paly with!

Here’s how to enter the Dropbox for Life Giveaway

  1. Connect with Facebook. (Note: The button is located on the right side of the Deals page.)
  2. Share the giveaway using the social buttons. Keep in mind that the more you share, the great chance you have to win!

These kinds of giveaways don’t come arround very often, so go to the iPhone Hacks Deals page now and give yourself a shot at Dropbox for life!

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