Glowify Your iPhone 5 In Style! [Deals Hub]

Have you ever spent time digging through your backpack or purse searching for your iPhone, having to remove objects as you go in order to finally see it? Ever wanted to protect your iPhone in a case that is both stylish and functional?

Our latest iPhone Hacks Deals offer can solve both of those dilemmas for you. We’ve got a limited amount of Glow Gel Combos for just $24, bringing further form and function to your new iPhone 5!

Glow Gels™ are an advanced flexible ‘smart skin’ that ensures the longevity of the most revered smartphone on the market, and features ArmorGlow technology that will keep it glowing for over 12 hours.

Here are some of the key features of the Glow Gels Combo:

  • Vibrant Colors: Offered in a huge selection of colors that reflect both current trends and timeless looks.
  • Easy Application: No need to worry about air bubbles, stretching, or tangling like you would with conventional skins – Glow Gels apply flawlessly.
  • Removable: They’re non-permanent, easy to apply, and leave no residue when removed.
  • ArmorGel Protection: Made with impact-absorbing resin that’s addictive to touch and gives your device added traction to surfaces.
  • Tailored Fit: Precisely cut to fit the exact dimensions of your iPhone 5 for a super sleek, tailored look.

(Note: This offer is open to our continental US readers only, and does not include shipping costs. You must redeem your purchase before December 15, 2012.)

We have a very limited quantity of these Glow Gel Combos, so be sure to act on this iPhone Hacks Deal today and get your iPhone glowing with protection and style.

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