Great Sports Apps for iPhone and iPad

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I wouldn’t ever say that I’m a rabid sports fan. Sure I try to keep tabs on the Red Sox, Patriots, and Canucks, but “keeping” tabs only means checking in now and then to see how they are doing in the standings and maybe catching a game on TV now and then. Other folks, maybe even you, like to folks all kinds of different sports. What better way to keep up with your teams, leagues, and sports than with an app, right? Watching sports has to be another place where the second (or third or fourth) screen fits in perfectly. The question is, what’s the right app for you?

General Sports News and info:

If you want news about any and all sports, these are the apps to look for.

Yahoo! Sportacular

FOX Sports Mobile

Sky Sports (UK store only)


Team Stream


TSN Mobile iPhone Edition and TSN: iPad Edition


League-Sport Specific

If you only care about one or two sports or favorite sport isn’t covered enough in a general app…

NHL GameCenter 2011-2012 If the NHL strike ever ends, well maybe we’ll see an update.

ESPN College Football

ESPNcricinfo (I hear it’s like baseball, just takes longer)

ESPN Goals (soccer or football or … UK only)

PGA TOUR (a good walk spoiled…Sir Winston Churchill) (If you’re ever in Portland, Maine, catch a Seadogs game. They have one of the best minor league parks I’ve been to, and I’ve even been to the park where Bull Durham was filmed)

MLS MatchDay 2012 (North American soccer league, the Vancouver Whitecaps play in it).

General Info and trivia

This app was listed in a couple pick lists. It’s only $0.99 and might help the non-sports fans understand a sport better. Plus it looks kinda cool too. Curly’s pocket guide to sports

Hard as I might try, I know I always miss a few hidden gems. And, no, I didn’t miss the Canucks or Patriots apps, I just didn’t think you’d want me to be too biased with highlighting my favorite teams. Oh, wait I guess I just did. So if I missed your favorite sports app, let me know!

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