Griffin’s Official Lightning Connector Cables To Be Available Next Week

lightning-cable-group-1Griffin today announced that it will start selling Apple-certified Lightning connector cables for the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and the 7th gen iPod nano starting next week. These cables will be the first official third party Lightning sync and charge cables to hit the market.

From Griffin’s announcement:

Griffin’s new cables with Lightning Connector are affordable charging solutions that are built to resist kinks and tangles. The cables work perfectly with Griffin’s family of PowerBlocks and PowerJolts as well as Apple’s USB power adapters, or plug into a computer’s USB to sync with iTunes.

Griffin has four different configurations of the cable available for purchase:

  • 2 feet straight USB-to-Lightning cable – $16.99
  • 3 feet straight USB-to-Lightning cable – $18.99
  • 4 feet coiled USB-to-Lightning cable – $24.99
  • 9.8 feet (3 meter) straight USB-to-Lightning cable – $29.99

The rates are much cheaper than the $29 you’d have to pay for Apple’s Lightning adapter to make your older 30 pin connector cables compatible with newer devices.

While there are plenty of unofficial Lightning cables and adapters available at lower prices, it’s advisable to use Apple-certified accessories due to the complex circuits that are a part of the connector.

Very few companies have come out with Apple-certified Lightning accessories, indicative of the complexities involved in the process of manufacturing such products as well as the strict control Apple seems to be maintaining through its “Made for iPhone” program.

The cables will be available for purchase from the first week of December from Griffin’s online store.

Via: MacRumors

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