HTC Droid DNA Has a Mind-Blowing Screen, But Does It Really Matter?

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The HTC Droid DNA has an unbelievable 440ppi 5 inch 1080p screen. A screen that blows the iPhone 5’s screen out of the water—by a country mile. Here’s the thing. As the commenter Sleepy pointed out in my iPad mini post, it’s not all about numbers or having the biggest number on the box that matters. Because, frankly, are we really, really seriously, going to be able to tell the difference between a 300+ ppi screen and a 440 ppi screen?

Don’t get me wrong, but all accounts, and the video below…

…the Droid DNA has an amazing screen and could be a really great phone. No doubt that HTC needs a win like this to boost themselves up. But when you look at the specs, you have to wonder—what’s the point? As Rene Ritchie points out, it might just be bigger, better, Apple-crushing numbers:

HTC is showing off the Verizon Droid DNA today at the special event in New York City, and the big news — the HUGE news — is the size and density of their display: a 5-inch fully 1920x1080p at a positively pornographic 440ppi. HTC has always loved pushing the envelop when it comes to specs, and this is obviously no exception. Back when Apple launched the iPhone 4 with Retina display, its 960×640 at 326ppi screen was well beyond anything else on the market, and it stayed that way for a long time. Even with the iPhone 5’s 1136×640, still 326ppi screen, HTC is now far, far ahead.


Apple’s priorities seem to be on making thinner, lighter, better devices, not bigger or denser ones, so this might well be a battle Apple is happy to sit out. Arguably, any increase in density beyond 300 ppi is lost on most human eyes anyway. Just like cameras, where better sensors are a smarter play than more megapixels, we might be hitting diminishing returns when it comes to displays.

Maybe this is why, while I do shoot more with my Samsung point-n-shoot lately, I shoot more with my iPhone. Not just because it’s with me, my point-n-shoot fits nicely in my bag, it’s because the images are just fine for what I need.

The iPhone 5 screen? Oh yeah it’s amazing. I don’t know if I picked up on a huge difference between it and my iPhone 4 though. What did I notice? How thin, light, and fast it is. So no slight to the HTC Droid DNA, it is an amazing feat of engineering, it just might be more than we need. Or at least more than we can tell we need.

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Droid image from Android Central

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